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  • StormData™ - Real-time, Future and Historical Rainfall Data Services

    StormData™ - Real-time, Future and Historical Rainfall Data Services

    Accurate estimation of the spatial distribution of rainfall is critical to successfully model hydrologic processes. OneRain works with organizations across to U.S. to provide calibrated radar rainfall data to help characterize storm events or flow problems in collection systems, and as a basis for both real-time and design-oriented modeling. Real-time, future, historical rainfall data are used in Stormwater Modeling, Inflow/Infiltration, NPDES, Flood...

  • StormLink® - Real-time Satellite Telemetry

    StormLink® - Real-time Satellite Telemetry

    Solutions for Remote Hydrologic Monitoring and Flood Early Warning OneRains StormLink Satellite rainfall, stage level and weather stations, combined with OneRain's Contrail® software, provide 24/7-supported real-time monitoring, visualization and decision management tool provide early warning to alert emergency management personnel and downstream communities of the imminent threat of flood and debris flows. Whether it's monitoring reservoirs or high...

  • StormData™ - Storm Properties Analysis

    StormData™ - Storm Properties Analysis

    OneRain's StormProperties approach powers projects that...Incorporate radar and rain gauge data processing using a national radar rainfall database and local rain gauge observations, Use TITAN (UCAR) specialized software to identify the geometric properties of storms,Create gauge-adjusted radar rainfall estimates for selected storms over drainage areas of interest,Identify typical storm patterns,Assess the applicability of uniformity assumptions related...

  • ALERT2  - Real-time Monitoring for Flood Warning

    ALERT2 - Real-time Monitoring for Flood Warning

    OneRain offers technical expertise and professional services for the complete design, master planning and implementation of ALERT/ALERT2 networks and hydromet monitoring systems for local and federal government agencies. ALERT2 is the new standard protocol designed to replace ALERT (Automated Local Evaluation in Real Time). ALERT2 provides a graceful transition of real-time data collection systems from providing slow, lean, error-prone environmental...

  • Hydrologic Network Evaluation

    Hydrologic Network Evaluation

    OneRain has extensive experience evaluating hydrologic gauge networks across the United States, including dense urban areas and remote locations throughout very diverse environments. While each system is unique and warrants its own personal approach, below are the core elements of our analysis.