Onion Enterprises

Onion Enterprises

Onion Enterprises sells and rents vapor extraction technologies to cost effectively abate your vapor problems. OE`s typical vapor extraction system consist of a Blower, moisture separator, high tank shut-off, vacuum gage, inlet filter, silencer, skid or trailer mounted and control system. System can be specialty coated for aggressive or corrosive gasses.

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630 West Street , Naples , FL 34109 USA
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Business Type:
Industry Type:
Water Treatment
Market Focus:
Nationally (across the country)

Partial List of Products:

Vapor Phase Treatment

  • Thermal Oxidizers
      chlorinated and non
  • Catalytic Oxidizers
      chlorinated and non
  • Regenerated CatOx
  • Carbon Vessels
  • Concentrators
  • Blowers
  • Liquid Ring Pumps
  • Moisture Separators
  • Dual Phase Extraction
  • Bio-Reactors

Fluid Treatment

  • Air Strippers
  • Oil-Water Separators
  • Pumps
  • UV Oxidation, Cav-OX
  • Carbon Vessels
  • Tanks
  • Flow Indicators
  • Transfer Pumps
  • Bio Reactors

Our step by step protocol makes the difference:

  1. You place the order.
  2. Wesend the submittals, typically within three days, including drawings and P&IDS.
  3. You review the plans, layout, design, and make the any revisions.
  4. Daftsmen re-draws the final plans for your approval.
  5. We start construction and send you you an approximate time line.
  6. You shop inspect the system for QA/QC.
    The Step by Step Process Insures the Product You Receive Meets Your Expectation