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  • Operations

    OPSIS believes that offering high quality after-sales service is important to ensure a long lasting relationship with its customers. By offering OPSIS distributors comprehensive training on the complete line of OPSIS products, a high skill level of technical support is available around the globe. This makes it possible to get sign a service contract which includes preventative maintenance, calibration services and technical support from one of more than 50 OPSIS distributors worldwide. If you

  • OPSIS Monitoring Services (OMS)

    OPSIS Monitoring Services (OMS)

    The air we breathe is vital, and it is important to monitor and control the air quality. However, owning and operating air quality monitoring stations can be a complex task, and requires resources, competence and equipment to ensure accurate monitoring data. As an alternative, OPSIS offers a reliable total monitoring solution that guarantees monitoring data with high quality and high availability: the OPSIS Monitoring Services (OMS).

  • Contracts Services

    Contracts Services

    Although OPSIS products require minimal service and maintenance, it’s still advisable to perform proactive maintenance on the OPSIS monitoring systems in order to secure reliable and accurate operation in the long term. It can also be advisable to be prepared for unplanned maintenance needs that might occur.

  • Calibration Services

    Calibration Services

    In order to facilitate everyday work for our clients in Scandinavia, we now offer calibration of OPSIS systems on site. This also renders a more cost-effective and reliable solution for the users. For this purpose, we have geared a van with the calibration equipment required for complete calibrations of the clients’ systems. The client doesn't have to store or handle gases, or dedicate resources calibration. This has become popular among our...

  • Technical Support Services

    Technical Support Services

    OPSIS acknowledges that the availability of technical support is as important as the performance of the hardware and software; no matter what your concerns might be and whether you actually need such support or not.