Opta’s mission is simple: help drive profitable growth for our clients by creating business value from information. Sounds straightforward, but it’s not easy. Many industries are submerged in ever-increasing amounts of information, with value largely untapped. We can unlock that value. At Opta, we provide insurance and corporate clients with tools and information to help manage and authenticate risk information, in turn helping them discover and explore business opportunities, become more competitive, generate business and gain the insight required to make profitable business decisions. As the largest aggregator of structured risk information and property data in Canada, Opta not only has access to a wealth of claims and loss history information through our parent company SCM Insurance, but we also have extensive industry partnerships who provide us with even more information that enhances our ability to deliver valuable business intelligence.

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175 Commerce Valley Drive West, Suite 600 , Markham , Ontario L3T 7P6 Canada
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Software vendor
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Environmental Data and IT Systems
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Nationally (across the country)

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Combined with our proprietary technology, Opta helps you access, understand, and synthesize previously inaccessible information, turning it into intelligence that helps to discover and understand business risks.

That is only part of the picture. We have industry leading experts who make sense of all this information. Our team is highly innovative, information-focused and possess a wealth of insurance knowledge. We offer new perspectives on key industry challenges and provide strategic insight to move insurance and risk professionals beyond traditional ways of doing business. We have pioneered solutions that bolster insurance to value (ITV) with our property validation tool, iClarify™ and use advanced analytics to deliver Peril Score™, our property risk predictor for fire and water damage. These are ground-breaking solutions that have changed the industry and continue to reshape the way insurers and underwriters manage risk.

This means real-life business decisions around revenue generation, new opportunities and operational efficiency are made with deeper insight and sharper analysis. Why do select insurers weather catastrophic claims events better than others? How do companies post above-average combined ratios year over year? How do some insurers get risk and pricing selection “right?”

The answers are not found in luck or chance, but rather by turning information into profitable insights. At Opta, that is exactly how we can transform your business.

Firmly rooted in Canada’s insurance and risk industries, Opta has been driving the industry’s evolution with information and innovation for over 100 years.

Most Accurate and Comprehensive Information Databases in Canada
Opta possesses the most comprehensive structured risk information property databases in Canada. With a history rooted in the Canadian Fire Underwriters’ Association (founded in 1883), Opta possesses more physical construction information and site-specific risk intelligence than any other organization in the country.

Proprietary Insurance Technology that Transforms Information into Intelligence
Not only do we provide our clients with access to valuable information, but we also provide them with proprietary technology to help them see, understand, and analyze that information for insight leading to profitable business decisions.

Rooted in Canada’s Property and Casualty History
Deeply entrenched in the P&C insurance industry, Opta’s research and development is fueled by a deep understanding of the business of insurance. Opta continues to increase customer value and drive transformation through innovations such as Fire Grades and iClarify Residential and Commercial, among others.

Setting Industry-Recognized Standards As the only organization in Canada that regularly gathers, collects, and updates information on fire grades, claims and loss histories, rating models, and historical maps, Opta is widely considered the industry standard for risk and insurance intelligence.

Built by Industry Experts
Our professionals leverage extensive backgrounds in insurance operations, actuarial science, engineering, computer programing, management science, and risk and claims management to provide clients with the information they need to drive profitable growth

Unlocking Information through Partnerships
As part of the SCM group of companies, Opta enhances its information network with access to valuable claims and loss history information from the country’s largest independent claims management company, ClaimsPro, and commercial and residential loss control expertise from the country’s largest risk management company, RMS. Extensive industry partnerships provide us with even more information, consequently enhancing our ability to provide our clients with valuable business intelligence.