Working side-by-side with the leaders in fishing around the world, OptimarStette has helped transform the industry from one totally dependent on manual labour to one that competes effectively in the worldwide marketplace today by using sophisticated, automated systems. OptimarStette is a leading supplier of fish handling and processing equipment to onshore, onboat and fish farming industry.

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Rúa Parrocha, 32 Apdo. 1977 , Vigo , Galicia E-36200 Spain

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Agriculture - Aquaculture
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Globally (various continents)

We provide our customers with leading technology within robotics and automation. We supply complete integrated processing, packaging and distribution lines, and stand-alone equipment, carefully tested to make sure they give you optimal performance.

OptimarStette operates on the global market and are close to our customers. Our four departments are situated in Fodema, Spain, Seattle USA, Stette, Norway and Giske, Norway. Our head department is located on the coast in the North West of Norway, just outside Aalesund city. In total OptimarStette are proud to employ 200 highly qualified people around the world.

Two became one

OptimarStette was up until September 2014 two separate companies, Optimar Giske AS and Peter Stette AS, both located on the coast in the North West of Norway, just outside Aalesund city. Both companies where experts in their field, developing high quality products within robotics and automation to the fish handling and fish farming industry. To become stronger and more global Optimar and Peter Stette decided to join forces and in September 2014 the merge was announced.

80 years of experience in total have made OptimarStette strong and competent and one of the worlds perfered supplier of automated fish handling equipment. OptimarStette employ in total 200 people located around the world, and is growing by the minute.

More profitable processing
OptimarStette has played a major role in designing and producing the automatic and robotic systems that have made fish processing easier, faster, safer, cleaner and more profitable.

Succeed in extreme conditions
If we can make it here, we can help you make it anywhere! We always have a plan, and even a backup plan too...

Make the most of every meter - and man
Reduce the production area, reduce the labor force, reduce manual heavy-load handling, and maximize use of space available.

Save space on land too!
Optimar's fully-automated solutions reduces area required by 50% or more.

Protect your investment
Optimar makes sure you are well-equipped to handle any current trend or future reality.

Around the world - around the clock
Optimar is always nearby to provide sales support, service and training. Worldwide presence 24/7.