Optimized Combustion Controls, LLC

Supplier of customized process equipment operation and monitoring control systems for remote areas. Systems operate on Solar Power and 12 vdc battery. Can be customized to your specific needs. Whether controlling one piece of equipment, or an entire site, we can provide you the most flexible, most dependable, and highest quality control system in the industry.

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7380 S. Olympia Ave, #153 , Tulsa , Oklahoma 74132 USA

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Air and Climate - Air Pollution Treatment
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Nationally (across the country)

This company also provides solutions for other industrial applications.
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We specialize in providing robust and economical solutions to your equipment operating and monitoring needs. With over a decade of designing, supplying, and starting industrial equipment, OCControls has the experience you are looking for.

Our Team
With over a decade in the industry, training and exposure to some of the top minds, companies, and resources in the industry, and extensive time in the field starting-up and troubleshooting a wide variety of combustion equipment, OC Controls has the experience and capability to understand your wants, determine your needs, and provide the best available solution whether it be economical, technical, or functional.

We pride ourselves on customer service. With us, you will get quick, competent response to all inquiries. We are able to provide exceptionally quick deliveries with little or no expediting fees. Given' our design philosophy of Flexibility and simplicity, we can work with you in supplying specific brands or components to create a standard design customized to your desires, and with little or no economical impact. Additionally, should equipment fail in the field, we can work with you on identifying and adapting readily available components allowing you to get back up and running within hours, not days.

Our capabilities are not just restricted to Combustion Systems. Our process engineer has a PE in Chemical Engineering and extensive PLC programming experience. With a provided P&ID, PFD, and basic operating philosophy, we can integrate multiple pieces of equipment into one common PLC for ease of operation, maintenance, and recording. Once again referring to our Flexibility, we can easily upgrade any of our systems in the field at any time to meet your ever changing needs.