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OptoSense AS

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  • OptoSense - CO2 Sensors

    OptoSense - CO2 Sensors

    Better accuracy and long term stability results in even lower energy bill. Completely maintenance free solution and simple installation.

  • OptoSense - Model VAV - Regulator

    OptoSense - Model VAV - Regulator

    Based on the range of combined CO2 and temperature transceivers OptoSense has developed a flexible room controller for Demand Controlled Ventilation that is easy to configure and install.

  • OptoSense - Controlled Ventilation

    OptoSense - Controlled Ventilation

    Demand Controlled Ventilation (DCV) with OptoSense CO2 Sensors lower the energy bills. The main advantages of our sensors are: accurate, long term stable, no maintenance and simple installation. Better accuracy results in even lower energy bill. Sensors from OptoSense react quickly and precisely so that a VAV system can provide an optimum indoor climate with less than 10% excess ventilation. This may lead to additional annual savings comparable to the...