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Opus RSE

Opus RSE is a leading company in Europe in Remote Sensing technology. We combine our knowledge of RSD technology and air quality consultancy, as customers demand, providing an unique full support from the start to the end of the projects without any intermediaries required. Opus AccuScan RSDs remotely measure exhaust emissions from motor vehicles as they are driven past the remote sensing device on streets and highways. A mirror then reflects the IR/UV light back to a series of detectors that measure the amount of transmitted light at characteristic wavelengths absorbed by the pollutants of interest. We are proud of our contribution to the internationalization and introduction of the RSD technology in Europe. Obtaining the ISO 17025 accreditation for on road remote emisssions measuring as the first company in the world as well as establishing the basis for the traffic emissions control law in Spain has been just the beginning of our goals.

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Calle Gaztambide, 45. Piso bajo , Madrid , 28015 Spain
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Air Pollution Treatment
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Globally (various continents)

Our services are backed by our technical emissions data collection procedures (CO, NO, HC) and oppacity (PM), as part of a quality system ISO 17025, which Opus RSE has been accredited for as laboratory.

The emissions are measured spectroscopically by casting a narrow infrared (IR) and ultraviolet (UV) beam of light across the road and through the trailing exhaust of passing motor vehicles.

The RSD can measure the emissions of vehicles circulating under real driving conditions. Since it takes only a second to capture a measurement, these devices can capture large quantities of vehicle emissions data in a short period of time. Also, since it is a non-intrusive technique, the RSD audits the circulating vehicles without interfering with the traffic flow, therefore it can audit an entire fleet in a short period and with no impact on daily operations.