Oraton Simulation Intelligence Technologies

Oraton Simulation Intelligence Technologies

Oraton is an ancient word describing all that can be perceived through the visual sense, as well as any other construct of our perception. Oraton provides solutions for the Defense, Simulation and Geospatial Intelligence sector and offers services and products for the Geoinformatics market. Oraton specializes in GIS, remote sensing and visualization since the early 90s. The company is focused on Strategic and Technical Consulting and Systems Integrations Services for the Defense, Aviation and Security domain.

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Software vendor
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Internationally (various countries)

Oraton Uses Luciad's Software Components to Build State of the Art Solutions

  • C4ISTAR Solutions (Command Centers design and implementation based on Luciad’s software components and applications, enabling massive quantities – TBs - of data to be preprocessed across dozens of CPU’s, integrating data from any kind of sensor, satellites, a/f, video, radar, UAV’s and other platforms, for Situational Awareness and creation of Common Operating and Tactical Picture, real time and near real-time).
  • Geospatial Intelligence Solutions (Satellite image and video analysis, exploitation, processing - visual search engines – precision targeting systems and solutions).
  • Defense Simulation Solutions (3-D terrain - image generation, Battlefield visualization, mission rehearsal, mission planning, systems).
  • Geoinformatics Solutions (Software development, GIS & Remote Sensing, Data preparation and integration, SDI solutions and services).