Orbital Gas Systems (Orbital), a CUI Global Company, is the leader in innovative gas solutions, with more than 30 years of experience in design, installation and the commissioning of industrial gas sampling, measurement and delivery systems. Operating globally within energy, power and processing markets, Orbital manufactures and delivers a broad range of technologies including environmental monitoring, gas metering, process control, telemetry, gas sampling and BioMethane.

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Cold Meece, Stone , Staffordshire , ST15 0QN United Kingdom
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Orbital is innovating gas solutions for focused accuracy.

Our vision is to be the global leader in gas solutions to the energy, power and processing sectors by continuing the pursuit of engineering excellence, product innovation and service integration.

As the pioneer of innovative gas solutions GasPT and VE Technology, Orbital is the leading provider of engineering, design, installation and commissioning of industrial gas sampling, measurement and delivery systems to the global energy, power and processing sectors. Our mission is to provide unparalleled gas solutions to the global energy, power and processing sectors, while upholding ethical work practices for the benefit of our business partners, employees and our environment.

Orbital Value Statement
We pledge a commitment to acknowledge and honor our core values of Innovation, Safety, Service and Environment by developing and maintaining a culture that embraces these values.

  • Innovation - We intend to be at the leading edge of gas technology and challenge ourselves to develop and evolve gas solutions.
  • Safety - We place safety at the forefront of everything we do.
  • Service - We are committed to serving with the highest level of respect and integrity in the pursuit of building long-term relationships.
  • Environment - We value the environment and are committed to uphold, comply with and exceed industry regulations.
  • Facilities

Orbital has key facilities in Europe and the United States to best serve our customer base. We have a 4.5-acre site in Europe offering 46,000 square feet for our manufacturing hall, office space, logistics center, R&D workshops, GasPT calibration lab and client “hot-desks”. In the United States, we have a 39,000-square-foot facility on four acres of land on the Beltway 8 frontage near IAH in Houston.

Orbital is a provider of custom-built engineering solutions, and has the capabilities at its state-of-the-art UK head office to provide systems that meet the needs of the most demanding of clients. With 45,000 ft2 of manufacturing space, Orbital’s UK base supports projects globally. Orbital also provides local support from its global bases.

Having delivered innovations that have redefined international standards, Orbital now handles hundreds of contracts ranging in value to multi-million dollar global projects on a regular basis. We are equipped to handle large scale projects and are able to acquire additional resources when necessary.

  • Orbital Gas Systems Announces $2.1 Million, Sole-source Integration Project for Major U.S. Energy Company HOUSTON – Orbital Gas Systems North America (“Orbital”), has been awarded a $2.1 million integration project from a large U.S.-based energy, procurement and construction (EPC) firm for which Orbital will be the sole-source integrator. Orbital will provide a turnkey solution encompassing engineering services, VE Sample System probes and fabrication of several analyzer shelters for a ... READ MORE
  • Helical Strakes: Lab Testing Thermowells & Sample Probes Orbital Gas Systems, in partnership with Daily Thermetrics, conducted flow testing on May 1, 2017, at a respected North American independent metering research facility. This first-of-its-kind test proved the effects of vortex-induced-vibration on traditional and helical probe geometries in a typical high-pressure, high-velocity pipeline environment. This testing was commissioned to validate thousands of hours of ... READ MORE
  • Orbital Gas Systems Awarded Further Innovation Contract HOUSTON – Orbital Gas Systems Ltd (“Orbital”), a CUI Global company, has been awarded a further contract by DNV GL under the UK National Gas Network Innovation Competition. The order will see Orbital work in partnership with DNV GL over a 36 month period to study the distribution of unconventional gases such as bio-methane within the ... READ MORE
  • Systech Taps Orbital to Collaborate on Case Study In September 2010, Orbital installed the gas monitoring and treatment plant on the UK’s very first large-scale bio-methane-to-grid production facility. This site was designed specifically to provide a renewable energy supply by generating bio-methane for injection into the existing gas network. The facility at Didcot, Oxfordshire, generates bio-methane by the anaerobic digestion of waste from ... READ MORE
  • Elimination of vortex induced vibration in sample probes and thermowells using helical strakes; a report on the development, testing and proving of a helical designVortex induced vibration (VIV) is a phenomenon experienced by bluff bodies placed directly in the flow of fluids traveling at velocity in a prevalent direction. As the fluid passes and moves around the body in the flow, vortices form and are shed from the lateral surfaces of the body in an alternating pattern. The alternating ... READ MORE
  • GasPTi for the glass industry – take control of your industrial processes Given the quantities of Natural Gas consumed during large industrial operations such as glass manufacture, even very slight changes in gas quality can have financial, operational and environmental implications in the  medium and long term. It would therefore seem self-explanatory that a cost-effective means of rapidly accurately monitoring gas quality would be ubiquitous in every ... READ MORE
  • GasPTi-LP for Furnace Control Case Study Based on a real application, some assumptions are made regarding the operating conditions of a typical furnace and the variations which can be expected in gas quality that will inevitably affect the setting of control system parameters. This note is produced to demonstrate the typical improvements, savings and payback which can be expected with the ... READ MORE
  • H2S Comparison Testing: VE Technology Versus Conventional System Orbital conducted a H2S comparison testing between its VE Technology system and a conventional system, to demonstrate the benefits of VE Technology. Orbital tested the client’s chromatograph and the pipeline simulator. Results The results were expanded/extrapolated so as to represent a test gas in excess of the entry limits. 3.3 ppm is the legal limit and if readings ... READ MORE
  • VE Technology: A more accurate solution to trace mercury sampling VE Technology is an innovative sampling philosophy that solves problems associated with traditional trace mercury sampling techniques. Traditionally, trace mercury sampling requires a sample of natural gas, of known or measured mass, to be passed over a gold-quartz or activated carbon cartridge or ‘trap’ in a glass tube, at low pressure. All the mercury in the ... READ MORE
  • VE Technology: Sampling of trace moisture and mercury for the production of LNG Traditional methods for measuring moisture and mercury in LNG samples are inefficient and unlikely to provide accurate, effective and reliable sampling results. The VE Technology in-bed sample probe provides solutions to the problems encountered with current sampling methods and introduces major improvements to gas sampling systems. Solution Orbital’s VE Technology utilizes a number of basic principles to ... READ MORE

Since Orbital’s inception in 1984, the company has grown from a small number of engineers into a leading specialist gas engineering organization. Formed with the aim of delivering unique and comprehensive solutions within the oil and gas industry, Orbital developed innovative new technologies and diversified into new marketplaces including process, energy, environmental, petrochemical and safety.

Our experience includes large projects worth over $30 million, national and international turnkey projects/contract managements and 24/7 technical and service support.

In 2013, Orbital became part of the CUI Global group of companies, enabling it to further expand as an international organization.

Orbital currently has offices in the US, the UK, and representation in more than 40 countries.

Orbital’s comprehensive Management System is designed to safeguard Product Quality, Health and Safety and the Environment throughout the design, build, installation commissioning and after sales processes. Quality, Health, Safety, Environmental, and Ethical Business practices are considered to be of paramount importance by Orbital. Orbital will actively promote and administer a strong Quality, Health, Safety, Environmental and Ethical culture amongst our staff and our sub-contractors.

Orbital’s Quality Management System having been verified by an independent third party (BSI) as complying with the requirements of BS EN ISO 9001, demonstrates our ability to consistently provide product that meets customer and applicable regulatory requirements.

Orbital’s Environmental Management System has also been verified by an independent third party (NQA) as complying with the requirements of BS EN ISO 14001. This assists Orbital in meeting applicable environmental legislation and to control the environmental aspects of our activities as a company.

Orbital’s Health and Safety Management System has been developed to meet the requirements of BS OHSAS 18001 Occupational Health and Safety Management System. The Health and Safety Management system acts as backbone to our comprehensive Health & Safety practices.

The entire management system is subject to annual audit by independent third party Achilles under the Utilities Vendor Database (UVDB) “Verify” scheme.

Conflict Minerals

In August of 2012, the SEC within the US implemented Section 1502 of the Dodd-Frank Act, mandating all SEC issuers to report whether or not conflict minerals are used in the production of their products and to disclose the country of origin for these minerals. Conflict minerals consist of tin, tantalum, tungsten and gold and are referred to as the 3TGs. 3TGs originate in multiple locations around the world including the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) and adjoining countries (collectively referred to as the “Covered Countries”). In the DRC, some of the sources of the 3TGs are controlled by armed groups that have conducted severe human rights violations.

As part of CUI Global, Inc. Orbital Gas Systems is committed to ethical business practices and the protection of basic human rights. Orbital expects all of its suppliers to have policies and procedures in place to ensure that any 3TGs used in the production of the products sold to CUI Global or any of its subsidiary companies are DRC conflict-free. This means that the products must not contain 3TGs that directly or indirectly finance or benefit armed groups in the Covered Countries. Orbital is actively working with its supply chain to do a Reasonable Country of Origin Inquiry (RCOI) while exercising due diligence by following the OECD Due Diligence Guidance.