Orvion BV

Orvion BV

Orvion BV provides high quality, no-nonsense products and services for the bioremediation market in Europe. This includes bio-augmentation products for in situ remediation of chlorinated solvents (high concentrations of Dehalococcoides and Dehalobacter), quantitative DNA-testing (qPCR) of contaminant-degrading micro-organisms and aerobic and anaerobic biodegradation feasibility testing. Orvion furthermore provides consultancy and groundwater modelling services to help you determine the best bioremediation approach for your specific situation. Check out our website www.dechlorination.eu

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't Vaartland 10 , Stolwijk , 2821 LH Netherlands

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Service provider
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Soil and Groundwater - Site Remediation
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Internationally (various countries)
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