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  • Diving Services

    Diving Services

    OSRA co-operates with MEGADIVE, a Greek company providing commercial diving services.  These services are available through all OSRA International offices and include : Hull repairs and monitoring.In-water surveys and inspection.Propeller repairs and polishing.Rudder repairs.Salvage services. Stern tube repairs.Thruster repairs.Underwater cleaning. Underwater searches for lost objects.Underwater welding / cutting

  • Environmental Consultancy Services

    Environmental Consultancy Services

    We are very strong and experienced particularly in the marine environment. The company has performed a number of studies related to the impact of shipping and oil & gas operations on the marine environment for leading governmental clients and holds resources specialised in the Mediterranean.

  • Oil Spill Response Services

    Oil Spill Response Services

    We provide in-country Tier 2 stand-by support to oil & gas exploration and production companies, and are keen to work world-wide through hiring our resources to ships, oil & gas companies, salvors and others that may require our assistance.OSRA International delivers these two key factors through its strategically located international bases spread across the Mediterranean. Being the core business of the Company we believe in in-country...

  • Tank Cleaning Services

    Tank Cleaning Services

    OSRA International provides professional tank services in co-operation with Adler & Allan of the UK, who have extensive experience in this field.  OSRA provide the in-country support and manpower to perform the services.  Adler and Allan has many years’ experience of cleaning all types of storage tanks, from retail forecourts to major refinery and military holding tanks.

  • Towage And Salvage Services

    Towage And Salvage Services

    OSRA International Ltd holds co-operation agreements with a number of leading towage and salvage companies, taking over from the salvor the responsibility for oil spill response during delicate salvage operations.  OSRA INTERNATIONAL is able to arrange for third party services including: Ocean Towage. Salvage Operations.Wreck removal.Offshore Support