We manufacture MAGNUM and STANDARD fine bubble tube diffusers as well as FLEXNORM (EPDM) and FLEXSIL (silicone) membranes in our own production facility with Made in Germany quality. We also develop and install turn-key aeration systems for high-performance municipal and industrial wastewater processing. Our HE programme offers customers wide-ranging options for significant energy savings and/or increased throughput capacity. OTT System is represented internationally with local branches and established sales partners. Our customers have their own local contacts and suppliers – worldwide.

About Us

OTT System is represented internationally with local branches and established sales partners. Our customers have their own local contacts and suppliers – worldwide:

  • Long-standing involvement in the emerging markets in the Far East and Eastern Europe
  • Local branches in North America and Poland
  • Optimum customer proximity
  • Flexible logistics

Our leading position is by design. For over twenty years OTT has been working successfully in the field of wastewater aeration. Our intention was and is to produce the best performing andmost efficient and reliable diffuser and aeration systems possible.

Our holistic company philosophy is: Everything fromone source. At OTT, the Development, Production, Quality Control and Project Management departments are concentrated in one location. Over twenty years of experiencemanufacturingmembrane diffusers in the most up-to-date production facilities plusmeticulous quality checksmake OTT a highly performing, reliable partner – as good as it gets. At its own stainless steel processing plant, OTT produces perfectly tailored pipework and aeration systems.Where itmakes sense, we also work with domestic stainless steel fabricators in countries all around the world. This ensures that OTT aeration systems are operated with the greatest reliability for bothmunicipal wastewater treatment and themost demanding areas of application such as the chemicals industry.

We’re somewhat old-fashioned at OTT: “Traditionally the latest technology.” Continuous research and development together with changes inspired by customer feedback havemade OTT the industry’s technology leader. Close collaboration with universities and leading research institutes – in particular in the field ofmembranematerials – gives us the benefit of valuable synergistic effects. This scientific dialogue has built our long -termposition asmarket leader. External, independent test laboratories repeatedly provide renewed confirmation of the outstanding performance of OTT aeration systems.



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Water and Wastewater - Water Aeration and Mixing

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Globally (various continents)

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