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  • Marsyntex

  • Marsyntex - Filter Cloths

    Marsyntex - Filter Cloths

    Filter presses play an important part in almost all areas in which liquids are separated from solids. All marsyntex filter cloths are fabricated so as to make them suitable for the specific features of the filter press and the technical conditions of the filtration process. marsyntex filter cloths are manufactured as: single filter cloths, double cloths with a barrel neck design, and, overhang filter cloths for chamber, frame, membrane filter presses...

  • Rotary Filter Cloths

    Rotary Filter Cloths

    Drum filters are used for continuous, mechanical separation of large quantities of solid and liquid mixtures by filtering them in a vacuum. Typical areas of application include mining, chemicals and food production. Here, too, precise fabrication, a long service life, easy installation as well as optimum separation are required to ensure efficient filtration.

  • Marsyntex - Belt Filters

    Marsyntex - Belt Filters

    The marsyntex product range includes textile filters for vacuum belt filters, tower presses and belt filter presses. As a manufacturer of textile machine parts, marsyntex also provides solutions in maximum lengths and widths for these areas of use. marsyntex filter belts ensure that the machines operate smoothly. The following features are important: uniform facric structure across the entire length and width of the belt, good abrasion resistance,...

  • Marsyntex - Filters for Dust Filtration

    Marsyntex - Filters for Dust Filtration

    marsyntex filters for gas filtration provide sophisticated solutions in the chemical, metal and mineral industries, as well as for power stations and waste incineration plants. They enable low pressure loss, almost zero emissions and a constant flow rate. They also contribute towards reducing maintenance and operating costs of filter systems. Furthermore, productivity and reliability are increased in many industrial processes.