OURUI INDUSTRY CO., LTD. is manufacturer on sodium hypochlorite generation system (which also known as electrochlorination system or Electro Chlorinator) and chlorine dioxide generation system with Chinese leading technology.

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Qilihe Road , Jinan , Shandong 250100 China

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Water and Wastewater - Chemical Water Treatment
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Globally (various continents)
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Ourui Industrial was founded in 2001 with 5 million registered fund. Ourui Industrial is a company with above ten years expertise history on manufacturing sodium hypochlorite generation, chlorine dioxide generation system and other related water treatment research and development, service company.Ourui Industrial is one of the distinction manufacturer of sodium hypochlorite generation system and chlorine dioxide generation system, and the main member of China Chlorine Dioxide industry association, preparation technology industry leading enterprises, and has achieved many wading approval documents.

Companies adhering to the first operation idea of science and technology and contributing to drive the industry technology and product innovating updating. 

Sodium hypochlorite generation system presented by Ourui industrial is becoming a popularized disinfection system in water treatment field. Generation system has taken the advantages of advanced technology, the most reliable quality of titanium plate electrode with covered, it can extend the service life of the electrode for over 10 years, Ourui RN series sodium hypochlorite generation system is fully automatic, and the raw material is only salt and electricity, it can be switched to sea water based for coastal region to produce sodium hypochlorite solution, the PH is 8-10, and it is becoming the new choice in water treatment filed for safety produced, highly efficiency, minimum operation cost. 

Ourui Industrial chlorine dioxide generation system has been awards 4 national patent, Ourui industrial originated Pyatyi separation reaction system, fragment temperature control system, digital dry baths system and etc. are all the leading technology in water treatment fields. The percent conversion, quality of generated chlorine dioxide and extra indicators from Ourui recombination chlorine generation system has head and shoulders above national standard.

Ourui Industrial has extensive systems and complete range of specification, electrolytic sodium hypochlorite generation system, compound and STD chlorine dioxide generation system leads hundreds of series generation system, and PAC/PAM chemical dosage device is one of the remarkable Ourui product as well. These system had been applied on tap water, rural water supply, secondary water supply, urban sewage treatment, hospital waste water, water recycling, power plant and industrial circulating cooling water and related filed of water treatment, and they commend a ready market in America, south-east, middle east, and special administrative region of China.

Ourui Industrial under Sales department, technology department, R&D department, customer service department, quality check department and other etc. of total 10 departments. Ourui Industrial has complete quality guarantee system and customer service system, and Ourui Industrial has passed the ISO9001 QMSC(Quality Management System Certification), they have award Product disinfectant wading hygiene license and other numerous qualification issued by National Ministry of Health. “No excuse, take action” is the service concept and practical action to win thousands of new and old customer recognition and praise. 

As the leading company of China, Ourui Industrial will contribute themselves into environmental health and water treatment on developing advance technology to provide remarkable and excellent service to all customer. 


OURUI Industry Co., Ltd. started in 2001 in Jinan, China, and specialized in manufaturing sodium hypochlorite generation system for 15 years.

Technology and customer satisfaction are the first priority of OURUI Industry, staying in one position is not our purpose to do business, wherever we work, we provide unique design and innovative solution on chlorine process and disinfect process, whoever we served, clients satisfaction is our sole aim. 

OURUI Industry Co., Ltd. is also one the vital member of Chinese chlorine committee

As the leading technology company of China, OURUI Industry will continue contribute ourserlves into environmental health and water treatment on developing advance technology to provide remarkable and excellent ptoducts and service to all customers.

OURUI Industry Co., Ltd RN - series generation system could be applied as following industry: 

1. Drinking water (Surface water, underground water,  secondary water supply) 

2. Industrial circulating water (Powerstation)

3. Wastewater treatment (Chemical engineering, steel mill, hospiital wastewater and etc.)

4. Swimming pool

5. Food industry (bottle washing and other related processing)

6. Farm disinfection

7. Beer industry

All above industries have been tested and have related projects on running.