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  • Municipal Drinking Water - Clarification / Sedimentation

    Ovivo is synonynous with sedimentation, the mainstay process for liquid-solid separation. The range of settlement basin designs and sludge removal options available within our portfolio allow Ovivo to provide customized mechanisms suitable for any conceivable sedimentation application. We've seen it all and our experience can ensure that the right equipment is selected for your process requirements, whether it's for thickening or for primary, secondary or tertiary clarification.

  • Ovivo Enviroquip - Solids Contact Clarifier

    Ovivo Enviroquip - Solids Contact Clarifier

    The Enviroquip solids contact clarifier is a high rate, vertical flow treating unit combining chemical mixing, flocculation, coagulation, settling and clarification, in a single circular tank. Typical applications include: lime softening, color removal and turbidity removal.

  • Ovivo - Bridge Supported Clarifier Units

    Ovivo - Bridge Supported Clarifier Units

    Ovivo bridge supported clarifier units have their sludge removal system hanging from a structural bridge spanning the tank. Wastewater enters through a side feed pipe into the center feedwell. The feedwell boosts flocculation of the suspended solids, which flow out into the clarifier to create a sludge blanket on the tank bottom. Rotating rake arms can be equipped with plow blades, spiral blades or suction ducts to remove the sludge, while a...

  • Ovivo - Plow Blade Scraper Clarifier

    Ovivo - Plow Blade Scraper Clarifier

    The Ovivo plow blade scraper clarifier is designed mainly for municipal wastewater treatment applications. It features grit and sludge removal via rake blades and efficient scum removal. This model can be used for primary or secondary clarification processes and is available in bridge or column supported clarifier designs.

  • EWT Trac-Vac - Sludge Collector

    EWT Trac-Vac - Sludge Collector

    The low profile TRAC-VAC sludge collector is ideally suited to remove accumulated solids from sedimentation basins, regardless the flow rate or deposit patterns. It can clean areas up to 25' wide and 200' long. The pneumatic drive assembly is programmable, offering flexibility for determining the speed and frequency of cleaning.

  • Ovivo FlexKlear - Plate Settler

    Ovivo FlexKlear - Plate Settler

    Ovivo FlexKlear plate settler is an inclined plate settler system used for clarification of water. Suspended solids settle, agglomerate and flow down the sloped plate surfaces while clear water is conducted upwards, which greatly accelerates the production of clear water and flow throughout the basin, in addition to increasing performance downstream. This technology is cost-effective since it compacts large...

  • Ovivo Reactor Clarifierâ„¢ - Solids Contact Clarifiers

    Ovivo Reactor Clarifierâ„¢ - Solids Contact Clarifiers

    The Ovivo Reactor Clarifier Solids Contact Clarifiers are high rate vertical flow units combining chemical mixing, flocculation, coagulation settling and clarification in a single circular tank. Applications may include: lime softening, color removal and turbidity removal in drinking water treatment. Ovivo also has an extensive knowledge and experience in the application of this technology to Oil and...

  • Ovivo - Traveling Bridge Clarifier

    Ovivo - Traveling Bridge Clarifier

    The Ovivo traveling bridge clarifier consists of a bridge that spans the width of a rectangular reservoir and travels from one end of the tank to the other. A set of rake blades and squeegees suspended from the bridge collect settled solids on the tank bottom and/or surface of the water and deposits them in a sludge pocket at one end of the tank.