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  • Municipal Drinking Water - Raw Water Intake

    Surface water is used for broad purposes such as for municipal drinking water, or industries for make-up and cooling (Desalination, Energy, Land Drainage, Irrigation, Hydropower, Oil & Gas, Petrochemical). Ovivo's passive and mechanically cleaned screens and fish protection equipment are designed to meet the challenges for the design of suitable intakes. Ovivo performance enhancing equipment is also available for downstream, finer filtration and on-line removal of scaling and fouling mat

  • Ovivo Brackett Bosker - Automatic Raking Screen

    Ovivo Brackett Bosker - Automatic Raking Screen

    Simple to retrofit into existing installations, the Brackett Bosker Automatic Raking Screen combines a trash rake, conveyor, and a debris loading system directly into a dump skip or trailer. With an open overhead construction to maintain an uncluttered screen deck, it provides simple and fully automatic operation for 24-hour coverage in case of nighttime screen blockages, Contact Ovivo today to learn how we can simplify your screening application.

  • Ovivo Brackett Bosker - Bandit Automatic Trash Rake

    Ovivo Brackett Bosker - Bandit Automatic Trash Rake

    For small and remote areas, or for intakes that rely on manual cleaning methods, the Brackett Bosker Bandit automatic trash rake is ideal. Compact, with an extendable, rotating, hydraulic arm designed to clear debris from horizontal and vertical screens with bar spacing of 12mm up to 200mm, it allows for a safe workload capacity of 250 kg (550 lb). The equipment can easily be retrofitted to existing intakes. There are no submerged moving parts so...

  • Ovivo Brackett Green - Double Entry Drum Screens

    Ovivo Brackett Green - Double Entry Drum Screens

    The in-to-out flow pattern of the Brackett Green double entry drum screen eliminates bypassing and carryover. It also allows for a downward load that eliminates the risk of the screen breaking free from its foundation. The patented mesh panels can handle high differential loading for fine screening, without failing. Our robust, custom-made screens are designed to meet the specific requirements of individual plants. Low maintenance costs, smooth...

  • Ovivo - Inlet Screen

    Ovivo - Inlet Screen

    Improperly screened material can damage equipment downstream, resulting in costly and unnecessary shutdowns. With the highest screening capture ratios in the industry and total containment of all screenings and debris larger than the screen aperture, Ovivo's inlet screens add value to overall plant performance and efficiency.