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  • Municipal Drinking Water - Solids Handling

    Ovivo offers several equipment suitable for the thickening and dewatering of flows associated with the production of Municipal drinking water. Our gravity belt thickeners and belt filter presses provide low cost, efficient and reliable options that improve the economics of plant operations.

  • Ovivo ENVIROQUIP - Belt Press Filter

    Ovivo ENVIROQUIP - Belt Press Filter

    Ovivo's belt filter press dewatering products demonstrates a superior level of design and configuration. Our equipment provides exceptional dewatering performance, mechanical reliability, long-life durability, and user friendly features. Staffing and maintenance requirements are low, which in turn keep operating costs low.

  • Ovivo - Thickeners

    Ovivo - Thickeners

    When wastewater is treated, sludge is produced. Ovivo thickeners are designed to continuously produce as thick a sludge as possible. Powered by heavy-duty drives, designed to handle the specified torque for 20 years of continuous operation, the sludge is gently mixed by rotating rake arms. This movement keeps it moving towards the center of the tank where it is removed. Ovivo thickeners offer sludge thickening for light, medium, or heavy-duty...