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  • Oil & Gas - Produced Water Primary Treatment

    Produced water from the crude oil separation train typically contains 500 - 2000 mg/l of free oil. The first step in produced water processing is to reduce the solids content, followed by the reduction of the oil content to below 500 mg/l by gravity separation using desanding, liquid-liquid separation, skimming or corrugated plate interceptors. Our equipment targets specific oil droplet size, producing smaller and smaller droplets as the liquid progresses through the treatment process.

  • Ovivo Skim - Skimmer Systems

    Ovivo Skim - Skimmer Systems

    The OVIVO Skim skimmer technology provides an economical way to remove the bulk of dispersed oil and solids within a liquid. Ovivo has designed vertical and compact models, well suited for offshore installations, in addition to our standard horizontal designs. The equipment can be adapted to serve as a produced-water degassing vessel. Our range of skimmers have been designed around the separation of specific oil droplet sizes, typically 120-150 microns,...

  • Ovivo SEP™ - CPI Units

    Ovivo SEP™ - CPI Units

    Ovivo SEP™ CPI units provide oil and water separation for a multitude of industrial wastewater. The unit is designed to remove all free oil from contaminated streams to comply with the most stringent of discharge requirements. Typically, no more than 5mg/l of oil will remain, with no visible sheen.

  • Ovivo Spin - Model LLH - De-oiling Hydrocyclones

    Ovivo Spin - Model LLH - De-oiling Hydrocyclones

    Ovivo SpinTM LLH de-oiling hydrocyclones are very effective in removing dispersed oil. They are excellent coalescing devices and are effective primary treating equipment. When compared to corrugated plate interceptors (CPI) and skimmers, Ovivo Spin LLH systems offer comparable capacity but higher separation efficiency, in a more compact footprint. Ovivo's de-oiling hydrocyclones...