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  • Oil & Gas - Produced Water Secondary Treatment

    Induced Gas Flotation (IGF) units are used primarily for secondary treatment of processed water. Ovivo offers vertical IGF units suitable for offshore platforms, where deck space is at a premium, and multi-cell horizontal IGF units, commonly used for onshore installations but can be adapted for offshore application if required.

  • Ovivo-Float - Model IGF - Induced Gas Flotation Units

    Ovivo-Float - Model IGF - Induced Gas Flotation Units

    In many upstream installations, particularly offshore, a secondary treatment step serves as the final treatment stage when discharges of 20-29 ppm of free oil content are permissible. Our freestanding Ovivo Float IGF units achieve this goal by introducing gas bubbles into the wastewater stream via a series of eductors. The gas bubbles lift the entrained oil and solids, which are skimmed from the surface. The clarified effluent is discharged from the...