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  • Oil & Gas - Produced Water Tertiary Treatment

    Tertiary treatment of produced water is required for 2-5 micron removal of oil droplets and solids to greater than 95%. At this level of treatment, filtration is the preferred method for ultrafine removal of oil and other impurities. Ovivo offers a robust line of industry standard equipment with proven results. Among others, Ovivo's line of filters generate effluent that meets the most stringent industry requirements, whether used as part of a treatment package or to supplement existin

  • Ovivo Shell - Nutshell Filters

    Ovivo Shell - Nutshell Filters

    Ovivo Shell nutshell filters are media-based filters similar to a multimedia filter, except nutshells (pecan and walnut) are used for media. The system is comprised of a pressure vessel, media, and internal screens. Ideally suited for final polishing, nutshell filters are proven to remove greater than 98% of 5 microns oil droplet and solids.