ORS is Europe`s leading manufacturer of oil spill products. ORS is known as a forerunner in developing recovery solutions and products. The cornerstones of ORS success are customers who are leaders in their field and skilful, customer-oriented and motivated personnel.ORS-Sorb is a registered trade mark for an oil absorbent that can be efficiently used for recovering oil from the water surface. The recovery process does not produce any hazardous waste and the oil can be compressed out from the absorbent for reuse. The remaining used absorbent can be recycled after. ORS offers solutions and services to the oil and gas industry and related industries in the international market.

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Hämeentie 155 a , Helsinki , 00560 Finland

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Water and Wastewater - Oil Spills
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Internationally (various countries)
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This company also provides solutions for other industrial applications.
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Our story
The original material was invented and original production equipment developed by a Finnish researcher already at the 90’s. Since then continuous product development has been made. Based on gained experiences and test results during substantial accidents in the field, like Exxon Valzed, new features has been developed. Today we are able to offer excellent product quality with outstanding performance.
Company Oy Operative Recovery Solutions JMR Ltd was founded 2011 in Finland. Product development is now made in cooperation with Finnish and international professionals.
The first mobile production unit was built at the end of 2012. During 2012-2014 several tests, research and product development was done. New investors was also found in 2014 which enabled strengthening of company resources in product development and internationalization.
Today Oy Operative Recovery Solutions JMR Ltd (ORS) is known as a forerunner in developing innovative and state-of-the-art recovery solutions and products for recovering oil from the water surface.
Our core business is to provide solutions for cleaning and recovery of oil spills based on ORS-Sorb technology. Products are suitable for all liquids. ORS-Sorb® is a registered trade mark.
We are offering solutions and services for various industry branches and agriculture in the international markets.

ORS core business is to provide solutions for cleaning and recovery of oil spills based on ORS-Sorb technology. Our products are tested by DNV, Intertek, Sinter.

  • ORS-Sorb is available
  • as a ready-to-use powder
  • as pillows
  • as containment booms
  • customised products

By burning
ORS-Sorb absorbent material can be easily burned. Burning process doesn’t create much ash and is environmentally safe way to dispose the waste.

By pressing
Pressed oil can be reused. After the pressing process about 7-10% of oil remains is left in the waste. Remaining waste can be handled in two ways

By burning
By using a microbe treatment to remove the oil (the process will take about 1-2 months)

Once the absorbent material is clean the waste can be used as a fertilizer  (contains 26% of nitrogen). Absorbent waste is biodegradable and doesn’t contain any toxics. Non-toxicity test report is available.

Disposal of ORS-Sorb® Pillow
Pillow products can be sealed to its sales package and disposed through waste oil collection point

Oil companies

  • Upstream - exploratory drilling
  • Distribution - Fuel transportation tank trucks and
  • Filling stations - car services and repairs

Logistic centers

  • Storing and transporting of liquid substances


  • Paints, coatings, solvents
  • Hydraulic machines and equipment

Authorities and organizations

  • Ocean Rescue Departments
  • Fire Rescue Departments