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  • EIA and Ecological Assessment

  • Environmental Impact Assessments (EIA) Services

    Environmental Impact Assessments (EIA) Services

    P-United offers complete EIA solutions from beginning to the final positive decision.  Our team involved in environmental impact assessments comprises highly qualified experts in the field of ecology, environmental protection and health. After completion of the EIA procedure, P-United will take care of other procedures required by environmental law to protect the environment - issuing an integrated permit program for waste management, prevention of...

  • Ecological Assessment Services

    Ecological Assessment Services

    P-United offers complete solutions for preparation of ecological assessment on plans and programs from beginning to the final positive decision. All of the services of P-United Ltd are in full compliance with Bulgarian and European legislation. Throughout the procedure can rely on our expert advice regarding procedure, environment, technology and design decisions concerning your project.

  • Compatibility Assessment Services

    Compatibility Assessment Services

    Compatibility Assessment is an integral part of the environmental impact assessment (EIA) or the Ecological assessment (EA), where an investment proposal, plan or program is likely to have significant negative impact on natural habitats, populations and habitats of species subject to conservation in the protected areas of Natura 2000. P-United and its experts has huge expertise in field of biodiversity – birds, habitats, flora fauna, etc. with...

  • Additional Information for EIA Necessity Assessment

    Additional Information for EIA Necessity Assessment

    Providing additional information in Annex 2 of the EIA Ordinance for assessing the need for EIA may be mild, brief and inexpensive procedure, when done professionally. To meet the project deadline and not be unnecessarily expensive trust P-United. Our experts will professionally prepare the necessary documentation so as to avoid any unforeseen risks of delay and increased costs of the project.