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  • P2W - Heavy Metals and Arsenic Removal

    P2W - Heavy Metals and Arsenic Removal

    High concentrations of heavy metals are an inevitable and detrimental byproduct of the mining production. P2W guarantees it’s clients to lower the levels of heavy metals and arsenics to regulation approved levels, by both design and operation.

  • P2W - Cyanide Destruction System

    P2W - Cyanide Destruction System

    P2W OFFERS THE COMPLETE DESIGN, INSTALLATION, OPERATION AND MAINTENANCE OF ITS wastewater treatment SYSTEMS. P2W takes responsibility for process performance and the subsequent compliance to all international and local effluent quality requirements set by the regulator.

  • P2W - Conductivity Reduction System

    P2W - Conductivity Reduction System

    P2W has recently developed an advanced and unique technology for the removal of dissolved salts from two types of water, treating the conductivity and salinity of the wastewater discharge.

  • P2W - Sulfates Reduction System

    P2W - Sulfates Reduction System

    The Sulfates Reduction Technology that was developed especially for the AMD (Acid Mining Drainage) crisis in South Africa is based on and is a modification of the P2W Electrolytic Process that was implemented successfully for the last 7 years in Latin America, Europe, the Far East and Africa. The electrolytic processes are the core technology of the company and have been successfully used in the industry, especially in the Gold Mining...

  • P2W - Drinking Water Treatment Plant

    P2W - Drinking Water Treatment Plant

    P2W is a worldwide expert in providing water management and desalination solutions to the industry. But like our esteemed clients we realize that the pillar that supports our operations is the community. A special division in P2W was created to ensure that these who make everything possible, the people, will enjoy one of the most basic of human rights- the right to drink clean and potable water. For that...

  • Water and Wastewater Treatment Plants

    Water and Wastewater Treatment Plants

    Over the many years of collaboration between BJIS and P2W the design of water and wastewater treatment plants has been a special field of expertise for both parties, as seen in some of the companies’ most challenging projects and over the years, dozens of treatment plants were designed by BJIS and P2W in Israel and around the world.

  • Sludge Treatment Plant

    Sludge Treatment Plant

    Every wastewater treatment plant produces sludge that entails withdrawal, digestion, volume reduction and disposal. Due to its complexity, sludge treatment constitutes the highest challenge to designers and operators of waste water treatment plants. Throughout years of operation, BJIS have designed many sludge treatment facilities, covering a wide range of technologies, from the very simple earth lagoons sludge disposal to the state of the art sludge...

  • Wastewater Conveying and Pumping System

    Wastewater Conveying and Pumping System

    Reliable wastewater systems are always necessary to protect drinking water sources and public health. Wastewater sewerage systems typically consist of sewage net (varying from a street pipe to a main interceptor) and pumping stations. BJIS and P2W have gained outstanding experience in the design of sewerage systems including very large diameter interceptors (up to 2.5 m), pipe jacking, sewage pumping stations of all sizes and more.

  • P2W - Storm Water and Drainage Systems

    P2W - Storm Water and Drainage Systems

    The storm water system is a key factor in environment development of  urban and rural areas. The system consists of conduits and drains, and outfalls to the main waterways. The drainage system is based on water sensitive urban planning (WSUP) and water sensitive urban design (WSUD). BJIS and P2W have developed modern network analysis methods and software tools to design cost-effective and optimized water storm projects.