More than 20 years ago, Pac-Van, Inc. set out to become the kind of company and supplier with whom we would want to do business. Our founding goals were to supply excellent product, competitive value and the highest possible levels of local, personal service. In 2008 Pac-Van became part of General Finance Corporation (NASDAQ: GFN), a multi-national, publicly traded company based in Pasadena, California. While the overall US economy took a downturn in the late 2000s, this relationship placed Pac-Van in a position to continue growing and expanding. Pac-Van has grown from one office in Columbus, Ohio back in 1993 to today having a strong presence in North America with 39 offices in both the United States and Canada. This geographic network allows us to provide timely and affordable solutions to our customers’ storage and office space challenges.

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9155 Harrison Park Court , Indianapolis , Indiana 46216 USA

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Soil and Groundwater
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Internationally (various countries)
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$10,000,000 US - $100,000,000 US

No matter what industry your business is in, Pac-Van is a national leader in providing storage and office space solution.  Every day at Pac-Van, we work to take care of our customers' storage and space needs including, but not limited to,  providing a guard shack to a local mine, sending conex storage containers to a 'big box' store prior to seasonal retail season, picking up a bulk liquid storage tank from an oil & gas company, finishing modifications for an office/storage ground level office (GLO) to be used on a construction site, delivering a mobile office building to serve as the sales office at a special event at the local golf course, or working on the modular classroom for the local school corporation that needs additional classroom space.

Our safe, secure and affordable 14-gauge steel storage containers (also known as an industrial container, shipping container, or connex box) can be customized to include those features and amenities that your team needs.  We also offer customized office containers called Ground Level Offices (GLOs) which, similar to our Mobile Offices, provide office space but without the need for steps and skirting.  These office containers include hefty security features, installed air conditioning and heat, a wall-mounted j-box for phone/data, and plan tables, desks, and a file cabinet.  Should you be needing a shipping container for sale or an office container for lease, our team can help you get what you need.

Pac-Van mobile offices can be used as portable field offices on construction sites, as security booths, parking kiosks, ticket offices, first aid trailers, crew quarters or change rooms.  We save you time, money and administrative hassles with single source, peace-of-mind supply and service.  Furniture, fixtures, steps, ramps, railings, decks, building services and security systems are all things that we can help provide.

Modular buildings can be up and open in half the time of traditional construction at a substantially lower cost.  Our durable, attractive modular buildings are the idea cost-effective solutions that can be used as golf pro shops, sales offices, commercial offices, medical buildings, kiosks, classroom space, child care/ daycare space, recreation and fitness centers, press boxes, restaurants, auto dealerships, locker rooms, clubhouse and government facilities.

Available for short- or long-term rentals, Pac-Van's bulk liquid storage tanks can be that perfect storage solution to your temporary liquid containment storage needs.  We have frac tanks, mini frac tanks, acid tanks, mud tanks, weir tanks, vac boxes and frac ponds that can be used to control displaced groundwater during construction, to prepare a salt solution to treat runways or to hold deicing fluids at airports, or to hold excess liquids during a plant shutdown or on the oil fields.  We have a wide variety of tanks, such as internal manifold or external manifold, v-bottom or round bottom, smooth wall or corrugated wall, to best suit your needs.

In 1993 in Indianapolis, Pac-Van set out to become the kind of company with which we'd want to do business.  Our founding goals were to supply excellent product, competitive value, and the highest possible levels of local and personalized service, which includes timely deliveries and prompt pickups.  Whether you're interested in container rental or containers for sale, leasing liquid storage tanks or purchasing or renting mobile offices or modular buildings,  we'll work hard to prove why Pac-Van should be your preferred provider.

Over time, our core values of dependability, dedication, initiative, ingenuity, relationship development and continuous improvement have remained key to how we operate our business.

Thank you for visiting our website. We are proud to do great work for our great customers. We’d like to add you to our resume while introducing you to the Pac-Van difference.