Pacific MultiLining Inc.

Pacific MultiLining Inc.

MultiLiner was developed in Europe in 1992 and more than 1,500,000 ft. has been installed worldwide since then. MultiLiner is being manufactured in North America, Europe and Asia. In the last 10 years, fiberglass CIPP liners have taken over 50% of the CIPP market in Europe. MultiLiner was the first European fiberglass CIPP liner to be introduced to the North American market, but others have already followed. Whether or not fiberglass will take over 50% of the North American CIPP market in the next 10 years is yet to be seen. However, with it`s excessive strength and thinner material thickness it has proven to be a cost-effective alternative.

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#1-33759 Morey Avenue , Abbotsford , B.C V2S 2W5 Canada

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Soil and Groundwater
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Globally (various continents)