Pacific Sentry LLC

Pacific Sentry LLC

Pacific Sentry LLC

Pacific Sentry is dedicated to providing high-quality, inexpensive ammonia sensors for commercial and non-commercial use. With its technological success and achievements in the ammonia-sensing field, Pacific Sentry`s mission is to become a world-leader in the detection of ammonia.

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7126 180th Avenue NE, Suite C-106 , Redmond , Washington 98052 USA
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Air Monitoring and Testing
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Internationally (various countries)
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This company also provides solutions for other industrial applications.
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Pacific Sentry LLC was founded in 2005 through a spinoff of Photonic BioSystems, Inc. in collaboration with Pacific Technologies. Highly specialized in the ammonia detection field, this company produces the most ammonia-sensitive sensors on the market, capable of detecting traces of ammonia down in the 0.005 ppm (parts per million) range. These sensors are functional for gas/air and in-water/aquatic environments.

Pacific Sentry is dedicated to providing high-quality, extremely sensitive ammonia sensors for commercial and non-commercial use. This ammonia detection technology can be utilized in a wide range of applications; from the medical industry to the agriculture industry, from aquatics to gaseous. With the ability to quickly and efficiently customize their sensors, Pacific Sentry provides ammonia sensing and monitoring solutions for nearly any application. With their technological success in ammonia detection and patent granted rights, Pacific Sentry is ensured to be a mainstay entity in the ammonia detection industry for many years to come.

Pacific Sentry actively seeks strategic relationships with companies and individuals that result in mutually rewarding benefits. These relationships take the form of IP licensing agreements, corporate partnerships, joint ventures, and corporate/private funding investments. The synergistic effect created when working with a strategic partner is highly valued at Pacific Sentry. Developing relationships (and business arrangements) that further the technological advancement and commercialization efforts of their technologies are a cornerstone of the company's business model.

Pacific Sentry makes every effort to properly and promptly address and define all business opportunities with outside parties. While not all endeavors result in a relationship, Pacific Sentry encourages any business or individual to contact them regarding a potential business opportunity to determine if a strategic fit exists. No business is too small or too large to form a relationship with if mutual benefits can be achieved.

Cold Storage Refrigeration

• Flash/Blast Freezing
• Meat Packaging
• Fruit & Produce Storage
• Beverage Refrigeration
• Industrial Freezers
• Ice Machines

Poultry & Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations (CAFOs)

• Poultry Broilers
• Cattle/Dairy Farms
• Swine Farms

Laboratory Setting

• Bioassays
• Mice Testing
• Rat Testing
• Primate Testing


• Renal Dialysis
• Incontinence Monitoring


• Fertilizer Manufacturing
• Fertilizer Distribution
• Liquid Fertilization


• Aquaculture
• Fish Farming
• Pond & Lake Monitoring
• River Monitoring
• Consumer Fish-keeping
• Waste Water
• Water Treatment
• Run-off Water


• Food Spoilage Detection
• Food Freshness Monitor

Companion Animals (Pets)

• Small Animal Cages & Habitats for Mice, Rats, Guinea Pigs, Ferrets, Chinchillas, etc...
• Animal Retail/Breeding
• Zoos
• Equine (Horse) Stalls