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Particle Measuring Systems as the global technology leader in the environmental monitoring industry, Particle Measuring Systems invests in research, engineering, manufacturing, and support of particle counting and monitoring instrumentation, microbial monitors, molecular gas analyzers, data management software. Our comprehensive instrumentation suite enables process-driven companies to monitor environmental quality and make fact-based decisions to improve process yield and meet regulatory requirements. Particle Measuring Systems equipment is used in monitoring applications across multiple industries by companies throughout the world. Our customers are concerned about the impact environmental contamination has on their products, processes, and equipment.

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Monitoring and Testing - Environmental Monitoring
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Globally (various continents)
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Particle Measuring Systems (PMS) sets the standard for cleanroom contamination monitoring. With more than 60 patents, we create the technology that enables you to make fact-based decisions, improve process yield and comply with changing regulatory requirements.

We understand the challenges our customers face, which is why we actively remain up to date with industry, trade, and technology changes.

With more than 450 employees, over 35 distributors, and local sales and services in more than 50 countries, we’re local everywhere.

History – Laser Particle Counters

Particle Measuring Systems is the largest particle counter manufacturer in the world. How did we accomplish this? Simple – we invented laser particle counters – a system that provides accurate data and results for clean room environments.

Since 1972, we reaffirm our technology leadership position by continually pursuing advanced detection technologies, and regularly releasing new products and adding services that focus on current challenges and future needs of the critical industries we serve.

Acquired by Spectris in 1996, Particle Measuring Systems is one of 13 operating companies focused on providing productive and enhancing instrumentation and controls.

Learn more about our particle counting, microbial monitoring, and molecular contamination control through our Particle College® continuing education program.

Company Culture & Values

Company culture is equally important to the technology our executives and technicians create. Whether we are interacting with our customers, employees or technology, Particle Measuring Systems is committed to eminent, professional, and respectable service.

Our values of restless innovation, empowerment, absolute integrity, customer focus and high performance drive our pursuit of excellence. We are proud to be a part of such a rewarding culture that promotes nothing less than ethical behavior and morals, at all levels and circumstances.

Learn more information about our career opportunities at Particle Measuring Systems.

Mission Statement

Particle Measuring Systems’ mission statement is to be the differentiated leader for particulate contamination monitoring by improving the performance of clean manufacturers through the applications of superior technology, quality and service.

Why Choosing PMS is Best for You

Experts in Contamination Monitoring Solutions Since 1972 with presence around the globe

Superior Knowledge

Particle Measuring Systems (PMS) is the inventor of laser based-particle counting, and we continue to lead the field with our dedication to hiring and training industry professionals. Our experts are recognized as thought leaders, evidenced through our speaking requests, webinars, authored papers and high education levels.

Our technology experts actively participate with customers and industry standards committees to understand the evolving needs and challenges faced by our broad customer base. Our renowned Particle College® program includes a two-day series of lectures and hands-on labs covering basic particle measuring concepts to advanced applications of contamination monitoring and control.

Superior Technology

A core investment in research, engineering and product manufacturing has resulted in more than 60 patents related to our  products and applications. We create the technology that enables you to make fact-based decisions, improve yield process, and comply with changing regulatory requirements. Our technology can measure particle sizes as small  as 20 nm in water, 10 nm in air, and molecular contamination concentrations in parts per trillion. We are also leaders in microbial detection developing traditional techniques that reduce false positives and rapid techniques to improve speed and accuracy of detection.

Superior Quality

Particle Measuring Systems sets the standard for contamination monitoring by first designing reliability into our products and then backing the technology with an unmatched Quality Management System.

Superior Service

Our service technicians are well trained to calibrate your instruments to the highest standards, and our software-controlled approach automates critical steps that drive consistency in each calibration. This ensures the same calibration results and performance, consistent with factory calibration, regardless of where the calibration is performed- anywhere in the world.

All calibrations are completed in strict accordance with ISO guidelines. PMS provides an unequaled counting efficiency test for first-channel sensitivity. For pharmaceutical applications, particle counters must be calibrated to the exacting standard of ISO 21501-4:2007, which includes measurements to verify and set flow rate, counting efficiency, particle sizing, resolution, signal ratios and zero count. Each calibration is also completed using NIST-traceable standards, and a certificate is provided with each calibration.