Particle Measuring Systems

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Particle Measuring Systems Services

  • Compressed Gas Contamination Monitoring

    Compressed Gas Contamination Monitoring

    Monitoring Particulates and Microbials  in Compressed Gases. Compressed gases can be viewed as critical utilities in many industries when either in direct product contact or directly entered into the clean room environment. This includes viable and non-viable monitoring for the Pharmaceutical industry and sensitivity to 10 nm in inert gases and 100 nm in corrosive gases for Electronics customers.

  • Service Repair and Calibration

    Service Repair and Calibration

    Our service technicians are well trained to calibrate your instruments to the highest standards and our software-controlled approach automates critical steps that drive consistency in each calibration. This ensures the same calibration result and performance, consistent with the factory calibration, regardless of where the calibration is performed—anywhere in the world.

  • Rentals Services

    Rentals Services

    Need a particle counter or molecular contamination monitor for a short-term project or troubleshooting? Renting equipment is a cost-effective solution that can free up capital for other spending requirements. Don’t worry about maintenance, calibration or the cost of ownership, and get the same great technical support as when you purchase one of our products.

  • Customer Service

    Customer Service

    Customer Service is here to help you with; Placing an order, Checking product pricing , Checking the status of an existing order, Seting up new supplier documentation, Identifying tracking numbers, Providing payment information, Tracking copies of invoices, Checking  work orders, Helping with returns.

  • Advisory Services

  • Sterility Assurance Services

    Sterility Assurance Services

    Develop a Corporate Sterility Assurance program. Training, development, and qualification for steriliziation and depyrogenation. Aseptic Process revision and/or Facility Design. Revision of production deviations, non-conformities, and other investigations. Resolution of FDA 483, EMA or local authority compliance deviations. Validation of microbial sampling systems and isolators for sterility testing.

  • Pharmaceutical Microbiology Services

    Pharmaceutical Microbiology Services

    Environmental monitoring evaluation and development. Evaluation and development of protocols and cleaning procedures. Evaluation and development of procedures, policies and standards for media fills. Laboratory Management. Optimization of laboratory policies, procedures, equipment, and methods. Sterility test analysis and evaluation of positive sterility failure tests. Development of rapid methods for sterility testing. Microbiological Data Deviations...

  • Alternative Microbiological Methods Services

    Alternative Microbiological Methods Services

    Methodology review and education. Management approval, project management, and implementation support. Market analysis and advice on needs and product specification development for RMM.

  • Production Support

    Production Support

    Process optimization, risk assessment, and project management assistance. Comparability protocols for processes/analytical changes. Cleaning and sanitization of cleanrooms including process analysis, practices, procedures, and rationales/rotations.

  • Quality Assurance Support

    Quality Assurance Support

    Development of Quality Management Systems (QMS). Evaluation of systems based inspection compliance programs. Support implementation of quality problem solving tools. Assist in inspection resolution, reduction, and root cause analysis.

  • Risk Assessment Services

    Risk Assessment Services

    Performed using Failure Mode and Effects Analysis (FMEA), Hazard Analysis (HACCP), and other methods Evaluation of laboratories, production, and quality operations. Development of programs and procedures. Review of data trends and recommendation of alert and action levels. Risk Assessment for EM sampling locations.