Partner in Development

Partner in Development has more than 12 years of experience in developing countries, in particular in project design, planning, implementation, education and training in the subject of solid waste management and environmental education. Solid waste management: research studies, assessments of solid waste systems, environmental analyses of resource recovery systems, and marketing studies for recovered materials. Training and education: development of training materials, facilitation of courses and workshops, design of factsheets and extension material. Enterprise development: implementation, finance and organization of productive micro-projects in solid waste management, including training for income generating activities aimed at SMEs, within the context of participatory planning, environmental sustainability and gender.

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Philips de Blotestraat 5 , Schipluiden , 2636 GS Netherlands

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Service provider
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Waste and Recycling - Waste Management
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Globally (various continents)

The more people on our planet, the more waste we produce. As resources get scarcer, solid waste management focuses more and more on recycling and reuse. The challenge is to valorize the waste and to use more efficiently all the raw materials and energy to obtain a sustainable society. At the same time the value of waste offers enormous opportunities to people all around the world, enabling new economic activities in solid waste management and recycling.

Partner in Development wishes to contribute to a sustainable society by inspiring people in low-income countries and countries in transition to start their own recycling business or to improve their existing ones. In this way using recycling as an economic tool as well as an environmental tool.

Partner in Development supports innovative, small-scale technologies in solid waste management and recycling and is a unique broker between parties that want to contribute to a sustainable waste management.