PBS Velká Bíteš, a.s.

PBS Velká Bíteš, a.s.

PBS Velká Bíteš is a precision engineering company, the manufacturer of high-speed turbine machines for the aerospace, power and transport industries. Our business covers a wide range of engineering areas, including the manufacture of precision castings, hi-tech machining of metals, electroplating and subsequent assembly of finished products. Our customers appreciate especially the high technical standard, reliability and quality of our products and services.

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Vlkovská 279 , Velká Bíteš , 595 01 Czech Republic
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Aerospace & Air Transport
Market Focus:
Internationally (various countries)
Year Founded:

This company also provides solutions for other industrial applications.
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PBS is a pioneering engineering company. With a history that goes back 200 years, we are one of the oldest brands on the global market. The PBS Group consists of three companies: První brněnská strojírna Velká Bíteš, a.s. is a prominent global manufacturer of high-speed turbines for the aerospace, power and transportation industries and has an established reputation as an expert in the field of precision engineering. PBS ENERGO, a.s. focuses on the development, production, delivery and servicing of steam and expansion turbines; and První brněnská strojírna, a.s., supplies complex power equipment with a special focus on industrial boilers.

200 Years in the market

800 Employees

7 Business fields

75 % Export

7 Offices worldwide

PBS Velká Bíteš is a globally recognised hi-tech manufacturer of power units and other equipment in the field of aerospace. PBS Velká Bíteš is also a leading European company in the area of precision casting, and in particular operates as a highly reliable supplier of castings for the power, transportation, aerospace and glass industries. PBS Velká Bíteš secures professional galvanic surface treatment and highly precise machining, even for difficult-to-machine materials such as titanium alloys. Last but not least, PBS Velká Bíteš supplies decantation equipment for the separation of solids from liquids, both for sewage treatment and for industrial applications.

Our goals
  • Become a sought-after supplier of highly reliable solutions for the aerospace industry
  • Be a highly competitive company on a global scale
  • Implement a highly advanced programme for the technical refinement of products and technologies 

Participation in innovative projects, the introduction of new machines and the continuous education of staff guarantee the constant development and advancement of PBS.

The goal of PBS is to satisfy the needs of our customers as much as possible while staying a step ahead of the competition. In order to achieve this vision, we have made research and development an integral part of our production process. We regularly invest in state-of-the-art technologies which allow us to continuously extend the service life and improve the parameters of our products and services.
30 Number of projects

50 Employees of R&D

10 % Investments from turnover

17 Patents and utility model

5Areas of innovation

Research and development that meets the expectations of our customers are clearly the primary engines of success for PBS, not only in the aerospace industry but also in the power and cryogenic sectors. The individual departments that focus on development form some of the strongest parts of our company. The close collaboration between our R&D departments and business-marketing teams, which continuously track the latest trends on the market, are also a matter of fact. The business-marketing teams act as ambassadors who deliver the requirements of customers and the results of market analyses to PBS. The development of new products and the improvement of the parameters of existing ones provide a guarantee for the future growth of both PBS and its customers.

Higher efficiency and future growth

To succeed, PBS relies on continuous development and innovation in the aerospace industry while ensuring that its products meet the strictest safety standards, even under extreme conditions. In the past two years, we have introduced two turbojet engines to the market: the TJ80 and TJ150, with a thrust of 900 and 1500 N, respectively.

Modern software

PBS designs new types of steam and expansion gas turbines in order to meet the evolving needs of its customers; the continuous innovation of turbines allows us to increase their efficiency as well as improve other parameters.

Optimisation and customised solutions

PBS projects dealing with cryogenic devices are handled on an individual basis; we respond to the customer’s specific requirements already at the stage where the cryogenic systems housing our products are optimised. We also flexibly react to market demand; for instance, we are currently innovating a helium expansion turbine in order to increase its output by 3.5 kW.

PBS regularly invests in the purchase of new production technologies, optimisation of production processes, and the development and marketing of new products.

We work with research institutions and organisations and make use of various grant programmes. 

  • The ESPOSA project – research and development of new propulsion technologies for small-scale aviation, from design and production of engine components up to the engine installation methodology in small aircraft. PBS Velká Bíteš participated in this project with two of its engines – the turboprop TP 100 and turboshaft TS 100.
  • The DISRUPT project – development of an innovative, safe ultralight two-seat turbine helicopter. PBS is participating in the project through the development of a turbine engine based on the TS 100 with an additional alternator.
  • Projects with ESF CZ – within the Education for Competitiveness Operational Programme, První brněnská strojírna Velká Bíteš took part in projects co-financed by the European Social Funds with the goal of increasing the attractiveness of technical fields for elementary school pupils. 
  • TAČR projects – support for applied research and experimental development (Alfa). PBS handled several projects, from researching the integrity of surfaces, through the implementation of new progressive production technologies on 4- and 5-axis machining centres and the development of modern aviation systems, up to research and development on technologies for the precision casting of radial wheels of next-generation turbochargers and of new types of blades for gas turbines.
  • OP PIK projects – PBS took part in the Enterprise and Innovations for Competitiveness Operational Programme via its project entitled “Air conditioning systems and auxiliary power units for helicopters”.

The high quality of our products and services is a decisive factor not only when it comes to the satisfaction of our customers, but also in reinforcing our stable economic performance.

The success and competitive strength of our company is based first and foremost on the quality of our products and an optimised production management system.

In order to achieve our strategic goals, we rely on quality and environmental management systems certified in compliance with ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 14001:2004. Beyond the scope of ISO 9001, we have implemented a total of 83 specific requirements of the AS/EN 9100 aviation standards which focus on the timeliness, quality and reliability of deliveries.

Implementing the requirements of quality and environmental standards into all of our company processes allows us to continuously improve. We use resources efficiently while increasing the competitive strength of our products. We are considerate to the environment in all of our business activities.

The functionality and efficiency of applying these quality and environmental management systems (QEMS) in První brněnská strojírna Velká Bíteš, a.s. is regularly checked by the LRQA certification authority, public bodies, the European Aviation Safety Agency, the Military Aviation Authority of the Ministry of Defence of the Czech Republic and the State Quality Assurance Body. These groups of products are monitored and inspected by representatives of Germanischer Lloyd and Lloyd ́s Register based on the requirements of individual customers. 

První brněnská strojírna, a.s. Brno and PBS ENERGO, a.s. cooperate with representatives of Bureau Veritas, certification company, in assuring the functionality and efficiency of applying the respective quality and environmental management systems (QEMS). The Quality and Environment Policy document can be found here.

Guaranteeing and improving quality

We actively apply the principles of the Plan-Do-Check-Act cycle (PDCA) in our activities with the aim of improving the quality of our processes and products.

The goal of our company is to continuously optimise our processes, reduce costs and efficiently utilise the required resources.

Within our quality assurance processes, we apply state-of-the-art methods for product quality planning (Advanced Product Quality Planning – APQP) and the management of processes and checks (Production Part Approval Process – PPAP). 

We emphasise the implementation of an efficient risk and opportunities management system.

Protection of the environment

Our business strategy focuses on the provision of products and services whose quality, reliability, performance and low environmental impact meet the requirements of both our customers and regulations.

Our goal is to maintain a production programme with a minimised environmental impact. That is why we implement measures which reduce the environmental impact of our activities.

We are committed to prevent pollution and to meet the relevant requirements of legal regulations as well as other requirements placed on our company.

We support the efficient use of natural resources and emphasise the protection of soil, air and water.

Aviation certificates

As manufacturers of civil as well as military aviation equipment, we hold all the necessary certificates for design, production and maintenance (DOA, POA, MOA) awarded by the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA), the Civil Aviation Authority (ÚCL) and the Military Aviation Authority of the Ministry of Defence of the Czech Republic. 

We are holders of TC and ETSO product certificates for auxiliary power units and turbine engines, within the scope of the certificate awarded by the DOA. PBS also holds military consent with regards to the use of products in military aviation in accordance with the requirements of EMAR 21. 

NADCAP accreditation

We regularly successfully pass the NADCAP accreditation for special processes relating to the non-destructive testing of products for both civil and military aviation.

These rules place stringent demands on all control processes, which must be secured by state-of-the-art equipment operated with highly qualified staff.

The social, environmental and economic aspects of social responsibility are directly incorporated in the business strategy of PBS.

Being “socially responsible” is not just about the approach and the behaviour of our company as a whole, but also represents a lifestyle choice of our employees.

The environment

  • we protect natural resources
  • we save energy
  • we purchase products that have a low environmental impact

Code of conduct

  • we reject corruption and are transparent
  • we protect intellectual property and support economic sustainability
  • we place emphasis on loyalty

Quality of life of employees

  • we strictly follow the principles of human rights
  • we maintain high work standards
  • we support the harmonious work-life balance of employees

Local communities and society as a whole

  • we follow the principles of corporate philanthropy
  • we support cultural and sports events
  • we also think of the future and support education

PBS has voluntarily committed to act responsibly in the areas of environmental protection, offering equal opportunities and creating a positive environment both within the organisation as well as in the surrounding community.

Our socially responsible approach and the personal activities of our employees in support of culture, sports, education and handicapped individuals is regularly acknowledged and recognised. Let our examples of social responsibility serve as an inspiration to you.

Our activities in the area of social responsibility

We help those in need

Our company has been providing long-term support to the Březejc home for mentally and physically handicapped youth and children. In addition to providing financial support, every year PBS employees help decorate and clean the Březejc home and the Kociánka Centre, where they help its employees clean up the building and work on the garden. The work-filled afternoon ends with a friendly gathering around a fire.

The head of the centre, Mrs. Doležalová, commented on the activities of our employees as follows:
“In spite of the bad weather, they not only did a great job but also showed a lot of enthusiasm and passion. It was truly a sight to behold to see how well coordinated your team is. Thanks to your work, our centre is now much nicer – it has blossomed in a way which brings happiness to both its users and employees. We are very grateful for your unselfish work – my sincere thanks.”

Sports in PBS

Last year took place in Velka Bites the first “active family afternoon” organised by PBS. The whole event started by drawing lots in order to create football teams. The teams went on to compete for a valuable prize – the PBS Cup. However, the afternoon not only focused on football fans, but also offered something for the partners and children of employees. Aside from the entertaining view of the game, they could take part in other sports activities ranging from aerobics through table tennis up to the possibility of trying out a bungee trampoline.

The satisfied expressions on the faces of all the participants clearly showed that the sports day was indeed a success. A similar active sports-filled family afternoon is already planned. Wisit the next active familly afternoon on the 16th of June 2018.