PCA Technologies Ltd. offers innovative solutions for Environmental Monitoring and Civil / Military Security. We employ a line of cutting edge instruments equipped with intelligent sensors (the electronic nose) for quality control (PEN3), odor monitoring (PEN3-Meteo), for a remote control network (OlfoSense), and for preventing risks from toxic gases, CWA and explosives (GDA). PCA Technologies is the official Airsense Analytics partner for the Italian market. We also offer a monitoring service of odors and their spreading, using the advanced air dispersion model "SMIT"; this is specially dedicated for waste treatment plants (aerobic and anaerobic) landfills, water treatment plants and petro-chemical industries.

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Via S G Bosco 24 , Pogliano Milanese , Milan 20010 Italy

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Monitoring and Testing - Environmental Monitoring
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Globally (various continents)