PCA Technologies Ltd. offers innovative solutions for Environmental Monitoring and Civil / Military Security. We employ a line of cutting edge instruments equipped with intelligent sensors (the electronic nose) for quality control (PEN3), odor monitoring (PEN3-Meteo) and others compound in real time (OlfoSense) and instruments for preventing risks from toxic gases, CWA and explosives (GDA2). PCA Technologies is the official Airsense Analytics partner and responsable for OlfoSense instruments line world wide . We also offer a monitoring service of odors and their spreading, using the advanced air dispersion model "SMIT"; this is specially dedicated for waste treatment plants (aerobic and anaerobic) landfills, water treatment plants and petro-chemical industries.

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Via S G Bosco 24 , Pogliano Milanese , Milan 20010 Italy

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Monitoring and Testing - Environmental Monitoring
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Globally (various continents)
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