PE Mediterranean Acoustics Research & Development Ltd.

PE Mediterranean Acoustics Research & Development Ltd.

Mediterranean Acoustics Research & Development (PEMARD for short) was established to do research in the various fields of Acoustics, with in mind to expand in the future to other scientific areas as well. PEMARD was set up by Panos Economou, founder and Managing Director of Panacoustics Ltd - an Acoustics consultancy, which was established in Cyprus in 1982 specialising in Building Acoustics, Room Acoustics and Noise Control. OTL 4 Pemard has again made an effective tool for Acousticians worldwide. Between 1990 and 1992, he was a Principal Engineer at the Noise and Vibration Department at WS Atkins Ltd (now Atkins), in Epsom, UK, in charge of Architectural Acoustics.

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No 1 Ammochostou Street , Trimiklini , 4730 Cyprus
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Business Type:
Software vendor
Industry Type:
Health and Safety - Noise and Vibration
Market Focus:
Globally (various continents)

PEMARD has developed a suite of Acoustical software applications called “Olive Tree Lab” which encompasses Outdoor Sound Propagation, Room Acoustics, Open-Plan Office, Multilayered Structure Builder, Sound distributions and scattering Polar Plotter for acoustical elements such as sound Reflectors and Diffusers.

PEMARD is currently developing further modules to complete the suite, which includes Building Acoustics and Mechanical Systems Noise Control.

“Olive Tree Lab” offers users a virtual lab in which one could experiment and study the effects project parameters could have on the outcome of their design.

It is a unique, practical, accurate and precise acoustical simulation environment based on state of the art methods. “Olive Tree Lab - Suite” offers users a virtual laboratory where they can experiment and study the effects acoustical parameters have on their designs.

PEMARD also represents other acoustical software by renowned developers, including SONarchitect for building acoustics and AFMG's product series which includes EASE, Reflex, Soundflow and others.

Understanding the world is an inbuilt desire of the human species and research is what makes us propel towards a better understanding of our environment and ourselves. A designer acts as a “petite prophet” and once the advice is on paper, events ought to follow the prescribed trajectory! More often than not, the outcome deviates from prescription therefore, an accurate prediction of the future ought to be based on the latest scientific findings. 

We at PEMARD study the work of the scientific community, weigh different approaches in tackling a problem and try to develop acoustics software products which can translate academic work into engineering applications. By the use of our noise prediction software we hope to assist acousticians and engineers in predicting sound and noise propagation more accurately, especially in the field of Noise Control.

Acoustics has come a long way within the last century, since it was recognized as an independent field of study. Computer technology has allowed the dreams of the founders of Acoustics to become reality. Sound and Noise prediction software applications are tools that the acoustical consultant and researcher cannot do without. PEMARD strives to turn vision to reality, theory into practice.