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PEAK Laboratories

PEAK Laboratories

Peak Laboratories, LLC. is a world leader in the design and manufacture of process gas chromatography systems. Our proven Mercuric Oxide, Flame Ionization, Pulse Discharge and Thermal Conductivity Detectors are used by industries worldwide. Peak leverages advances in hardware and software to offer a unique trace analysis (down to ppt) and enhanced capabilities to create both superior technical results and user friendly operations. Peak Lab`s RCP technology has been used for trace atmospheric CO (and H2) for over 20 years by NOAA, atmospheric chemists and research organizations worldwide. Our cost-effective platform is proven to have incomparable stability (gas chromatography elimates interference problems) with exceptionally higher sensitivity (superior modeling data) than NDIR technologies.

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2330 Old Middlefield Way, #10 , Mountain View , California 94043-2452 USA
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Laboratory Equipment
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Globally (various continents)

Peak Laboratories provides a simple, innovative solution for trace (ppbv or pptv) analysis of H2, CO, saturated and unsaturated hydrocarbons, and many other substances, in a wide variety of applications without using preconcentration or cryogenic trap techniques.

Our Peak Performer GC series uses a hybrid of our own detector design and proven detectors which are integrated into our unique, complete operating platform. Our systems can measure trace gas impurities down to part per trillion levels while offering a percentage upper range for complete analysis and accurate measurements.

Our technology has proven to offer a more cost-effective and user friendly alternative to other instruments for similar applications. In addition, Peak Labs practical experience and ability to customize to suit your applications makes Peak Labs your partner, not just your supplier.