Our company was founded in 1980 , initially as a workshop for repair of agricultural machinery in a short, time and wanted to specialize in the construction design of both water that livestock pumps. Thanks to the positive results and achievements in the industry, the brand Pennacchio pumps, as well as being present in Italy, stands out even professionally across Europe, increasing and more and more innovating its products. Nowadays the company is directed by the owner Giacomazzi Cristian, heir of the owner predecessor William Pennacchio. In addition to being one of the most competent leaders in the industry, the enterprise thanks to its flexibility, it can meet the needs of the domestic market, especially the international one in continuous development. Thus giving an image of serious professionalism and strong competence.

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V. TESOLI 3 , Calvisano (BS) , 25012 Italy

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Internationally (various countries)
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In addition to our fundamental experience in the construction of mobile / fixed pumps and plant for livestock manure treatment, we employ a technical body off the design in order to meet the needs of customers and to remain competitive in our industry. This office is responsible to find solutions and to apply the best techniques and innovative in our products in the field of irrigation and sewage processing through modern technology and design software. The machines are designed built and tested in the field, subjecting them to common efforts during work activities. This allows you to check and see that the product is suitable or not to perform such work. The PENNACCHIO PUMPS besides creating standard products, is to study, through inspections and technical interpretations, also customized products according to customer requirements. We also make special attention to costs; quality that has allowed us to be very competitive in price and be well integrated in the national and international market.