Pentacque srl

Pentacque is prepared and developed a company that works exclusively with highly specialized in the treatment of sewage water in various industrial sectors. We design, build and install, the purification and treatment of waste water discharge, with particular expertise on water from electroplating, anodising, painting and surface treatment in general. Pentacque will from time to time to customers with the first search for solutions. With the support of research and analysis, provides solutions targeted and aimed at recovering the raw materials used, the recirculating water processing, adopting the zero discharge or adjustment of the discharges within the limits imposed by existing legislation.

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Via Maestri, 11 , Brescia , Italy

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Water and Wastewater - Water Treatment
Market Focus:
Internationally (various countries)

Today Pentacque in its new headquarters provides:

  • A technical department for the design of wastewater treatment plants and water treatment, tend to invest in innovative research, creating licensing agreements and international collaboration, allowing the customer to provide the best solutions, creating more reliable products using the best technologies developed in this regard.
  • A trained and motivated team of technicians, rich in experience, continuously updated on the most significant technical innovations, chemical, hydraulic, electronic, this allows to solve the most diverse problems and needs in the treatment and purification of industrial waste water.
  • Of a technical trade that has always been to support the customer for consultations, visits and preventive aimed at the best techniques for processing and analysis of costs.
  • An analytical service levy of water inside and the collaboration of laboratories and technologically advanced certificates, aimed to complete the analysis of water, to make feedback and monitoring of treatment or testing processes.
  • A complete inventory with a wide range of spare parts, the availability of a 'broad range of chemical technology selected for each water treatment process with the task of optimizing the performance of the same.
  •  A number of pilot treatment plants, which in addition to continuously expand the know-how, are useful to customize and test the best of what is expected to develop and then propose.
  • Of a technical assistance program, our flagship, the office provides accurate monitoring of water treatment plants and their treatment, performed by trained and fully equipped, creating a security yield plant this helps to build peace and greater compliance with the existing tables.
  • A set of software for continuous monitoring of treatment plants and sewage charges, with the possibility of a remote control.