Pentax Industries Spa

Pentax Industries Spa

For over 25 years, Pentax has worked with water and fluid, natural or synthetic, handling systems and does so with the best products and personnel. Pentax founds its policy on constant development of all processes: production, administration, and distribution. A commitment certified by the introduction of Quality Management Systems Certificate UNI EN ISO 9001. Pentax pumps and electric pumps cover the vast range of applicable sectors with efficiency: domestic, agricultural and industrial. Pentax enables you to find the perfect solution by developing the request according to the type of use, product or product family.

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Viale dell`Industria, 1 , Veronella (VR) , 37040 Italy
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Pumps & Pumping
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Globally (various continents)

ReliabilityChoosing Pentax means choosing safety in any operating phase.

Pentax owes its success to over 25 years of experience in the international market of hydraulic electric pumps. It is constantly ready to meet customer requirements with a professional approach and spirit of innovation.

Pentax describes itself through 5 concepts that characterise it: the 5 principles of Pentax. Each one represents a strongpoint, a value the company is proud of.

Pentax represents reliability to customers and respect for co-workers, every day. It guarantees dynamic production  processes and flexible distribution systems that cover the globe. It is constantly focused on market requirements. It is a reference point that supports entrepreneurial activities with customised solutions on an international level.

In five words: Pentax.

Where there is control, there is reliability: the foundation of success.

Pentax subjects its products to constant quality controls: from certifications, to line controls, to tests. Always to guarantee the best.


All Pentax solutions undergo individual (not random) functional, electrical and hydraulic tests, for fool-proof testing lines.


The company's policy is imprinted on constant development of all production and administration processes, with a view also to safeguarding the environment: a commitment certified by the introduction of a Quality Management Systems Certificate in compliance with UNI EN ISO 9001 and a Environmental Management System Certificate in accordance with the UNI EN ISO 14001 standard. Moreover, planning for a Health and Safety Management System in the workplace, in accordance with standard OHSAS 18001, is underway.


Pentax has created two entirely automated rooms equipped with technologically advanced equipment to study and test newly-designed prototypes. It subjects all devices to specific tests to evaluate their operation, also in highly-stressed situations.

Impeccable delivery times.

Each order is dispatched within the pre-established times, since customer satisfaction is its priority.

As a result of its experience, Pentax is able to immediately adapt itself to diverse market situations, dispatching orders promptly and ensuring extremely tight deadlines.

The strongpoint of Pentax is based on organisation: productive and distributive. It is able to minimise delivery times of orders, adapting itself rapidly to unforeseen changes in demand.

The range of products is one of the widest on the market with high technological levels. However, Pentax does not renounce to specialisation: a value guaranteed by the expertise of human resources, an undisputed company asset.

Pentax listens, analyses and works to offer the best for its customers.

Multiple variables make a service perfect: customer requirements, geographic area of interest, atmospheric agents, etc. Pentax carries out in-depth research for each case, identifies the best solution and intervenes safely.

Production evolves over many assembly, finishing and testing lines. Flexibility and experience play an important part in order to constantly meet customer requirements, thus strengthening relationships of trust with partners and suppliers. Each line is able to promptly and precisely manage the production process of any product.

The best service: a wide range of Pentax products, one for every requirement.

Pentax boasts of one of the widest range of products available today on the market, all of which are high-quality solutions for the domestic and industrial sectors.

The commercial sector works constantly in the search of new solutions for potential customers in order to develop and envisage future demands. The range of Pentax products is extremely vast since it endeavours to meet the most diverse demands according to the sector of use and type of device: submersible, submersed, surface pumps etc., for all agricultural, civil, domestic and industrial sectors.