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  • Equipment Rental Services

    Equipment Rental Services

    Every product we sell is also available as an equipment rental, from power tools to vacuums to the MOOSE® Scabbling Robot. Pentek is one of the few companies providing equipment rental for hazardous decontamination because we recognize that...

  • Custom Engineering Services

    Custom Engineering Services

    If our standard Hand Tools, Vacuum and Robotic systems are almost right for your application, but require some extra customization, Pentek offers engineered solutions to meet your needs; see our Blog for some examples. Don’t hesitate to contact us!

  • Equipment Overhaul & Refurbishment Services

    Equipment Overhaul & Refurbishment Services

    Pentek equipment is built to last, whether it’s surviving decades of use or being dropped 40 feet. When a tool finally begins to wear out, refurbishment is always the economical choice over replacement. Our shop will replace worn parts, repair damage and apply fresh paint to get your tools working like new again! Discounts on rental equipment are available to keep your remediation project moving without downtime. All refurbished products are...

  • Training & Demonstrations Services

    Training & Demonstrations Services

    Pentek offers a number of FREE services at our Pittsburgh site: Training on all tool and procedures. Product demonstrations. Pre-sale evaluations.

  • Field Services

    Field Services

    Pentek offers on-site supervision and consulting to contractors and other users of our power tools and HEPA vacuums. We also offer on-site training and demonstrations. For your contracting needs, we provide referral to our partner company, which specializes in the use of Pentek equipment.

  • 24-hour Customer Support

    24-hour Customer Support

    Pentek maintains 24-hour worldwide customer support for our customers. During off-hours, our technical support staff provides customers with assistance anywhere, any time of day. Response time is guaranteed 60 minutes or less after initial inquiry, or 10 minutes if givenadvanced notice of customer operations during unusual or extended working hours.