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PEP FILTERS, an Amiad USA company, has 35 years of experience in the design and manufacturing of automatic self-cleaning filters. Implementing green and clean-water technologies, we provide cost-effective and advanced filtration solutions for industrial, municipal, and commercial applications. Through our global distribution network, PEP is a world leader of process water filtration, cooling tower filtration, membrane pre-filtration, as well as filtration of marine life habitats, recreational water parks, and decorative fountains, such as the World War II Memorial in Washington, DC. Whether for 10 GPM or 100,000 GPM, we have the widest range of engineered automatic backwash media filters, disc filters, and screen filters, which no other filtration company can match.

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120-J Talbert Road , Mooresville , NC 28117-7119 USA

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Water and Wastewater - Water Filtration and Separation
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Globally (various continents)


PEP WAS FOUNDED IN 1976 WHEN KENN LATZER, a master of entrepreneurship and ingenuity, recognized the potential market for using side stream filtration on cooling tower systems. Thus came the founding of the company. The concept was to pull a small percentage of the system volume through an independent filtration system and return the filtered water to the system. Over time the water in the system would be cleaned to a very high level. In addition, since the filtration system was side-stream, a much smaller system could be used and down time/backwash time would have no impact on the cooling system flow.

PEP actively marketed the benefits of clean water for improving the performance and reducing the operating costs of chilled water cooling systems. The product marketed was a self-contained side-stream filtration system, including linked valves, filtration system pump, and control panel. Backwashing was initiated by either a differential pressure switch, a timer, or a manual push button.

Through the 1970s and 1980s, PEP gained a prominent leadership position in the cooling tower filtration market. It broadened its product offering to include the SMF fiberglass vessels, the HMF carbon steel high-pressure vessels, and theBMF high flow systems. In the 1990s, PEP moved from the Los Angeles area to Mooresville, NC.

In 2000, PEP was purchased by a distribution company from South Carolina with the hope of expanding the business into more industrial markets. Shortly thereafter, PEP invested in basin sweeping systems and a proprietary design sweeper jet, in addition to the design of a complete line of centrifugal separators. Finally, PEP moved into the Asian market by opening a sales office in Singapore to cover that emerging market.

In keeping with our mandate for growth to come from new product development, PEP formed an alliance with ArkalFiltration Systems in 2004. This alliance brought innovative automatic disc screen filtration into our product line. The combined offering made PEP Filters, Inc. the manufacturer of the broadest range of automatic, self-cleaning, pre-engineered water filtration products in the world.

PEP is looking to expand into more applications, including the pre-membrane and machine tool coolant industry. We are also planning expansion into Central and South America in the very near future.