Phoenix Ring Manufaktur UG

Phoenix Ring Manufaktur UG

Located in Hessen, Germany, we are focused on providing both industry and consumers with cost effective, environmentally friendly, water conditioning devices, used to combat problems associated with scale and corrosion in water bearing pipes and equipment attached to these pipes. The operating principles, employed in the SialexRing, create no by-products or pollutants. Creating a range of products designed to help industry and the home solve scaling and corrosion in water pipes and appliances using this water, in a cost effective manner and at the same time providing solutions safe to the environment.

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Haisterbacher Strasse 7 , Erbach , D-64711 Germany
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Water Treatment
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Internationally (various countries)
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We endeavor to:

  • Replace or at least minimize the use of chemical regimes in the control of “Scale and Corrosion” in water and other fluids thus reducing the need for secondary treatment of chemical waste and by – products resulting from traditional chemical treatments.
  • Require no external power source and as a result generate “Zero” emissions when operating our devices.

Our success is directly related to our reputation in the market place. We reflect this in how we interact with the various parties with whom we have contact.

  • To our partners (potential customers, customers and sales partners), we strive to operate in an open and fair manner, both in the presentation of our devices and their capabilities as well as in our on-going business activities.
  • To our employees; we will treat each person as an important member of our team and afford them the respect and support appropriate with such a position. Our goal is to establish a long lasting partnership based upon trust and fairness.

There is a growing wave of support for the introduction and use of “Environmentally friendly” devices throughout industry and the home.

“If a safe, effective, “non- polluting” option can be found to replace a device or technique which is more environmentally harmful it would make sense to use it”.

There are, however, practicalities to consider. Simply put; is the “New” device as effective as the system it replaces and most importantly is it cost effective. We all want to be responsible citizens but we also want to purchase products at affordable prices.

With backgrounds in medical equipment and the use of piezo –ceramic materials in the manufacturing of fluid dispensing systems, we have made use of our combined experience to develop our Sialex®process and employ this in the manufacture of cost effective, environmentally friendly, solution to fluid handling problems found in both industry and the home. Since 2004 we have actively promoted this message to the market place.

With sales in excess of €2.5m and as of 2012 more than 4,000 units delivered to Industry, as well as hospitality and residential properties both in Germany and internationally, our products offer credible alternatives to more expensive, complicated, and less environmentally friendly, traditional offerings.

Our Initial product family, Sialex®Ring is employed in Industry and the home where “Scaling” and “Corrosion”, caused by water passing through pipes and devices attached to these pipes, causes problems and ultimately costs money!

We actively search out further applications where our technique can offer benefits. We are open to work with industry to develop applications / devices around our process.

Sialex® products assist in the control of scaling and corrosion associated with the transportation of fluids through pipes.

Sialex® products have applications in the home, helping protect appliances (washing machines, dishwashers, showers, hot water boilers etc).

In industry Sialex® devices assist in the control of scale build up and corrosion in hot water systems, heat- exchangers, boilers, air conditioning systems, etc. Our products are also employed in the energy field.

Products based upon our process are supplied directly to end users, through our sales force in Germany, our distributors nationally and internationally as well as directly to OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturers) for integration into product.

Ring size available from DN15 to DN700 (Special configurations are available on request.)


Quality, reliability, and repeatable functionality are “key” considerations when providing Sialex® based devices.

Research, product development, raw material sourcing, production and marketing are carried out from our facilities in Erbach / Odenwald, located approximately one hour’s drive from Frankfurt international airport, Germany.

To provide a flexible manufacturing capability, able to meet the varied demands in terms of product design and quantities, required by the various sales channels and OEMs, we work with local manufacturers, ISO9001 certified, employing the latest manufacturing techniques, to undertake a series of preparatory steps in the production process.

The Sialex® processing steps, quality control, product design and development, marketing and sales, are carried out directly by our own personnel.

Business today goes beyond making profit and paying taxes. We, as responsible corporate members of the business community, are happy to give back to good causes both in the Odenwald, where we are located, and elsewhere our products are sold.

We do this through direct financial support, working with local business and community groups through sponsorship, as well as undertaking special promotions to the benefit of selected partners.


In this way we can undertake joint promotions with selected partners. An example of an initial project is “House of Hope”. If your community, social group, charity etc, would like to discuss how Phoenix can assist you, please feel free to contact us and discuss your thoughts.

Sialex® working directly with distributors.

Sialex process has been developed in Germany. Sialex®Rings have been market tested, and sold into the German market for several years. Products are installed in a wide range of applications with manufacturers, hotels, retirement homes, office blocks, and residential properties.

Currently our products are delivered into the German market by direct sales to industrial, commercial and private households.

With over thirty years experience in the manufacturing and marketing of “technology” based products, we believe we understand how to introduce and support “New” technology into the marketplace.

Key to success is partners. Access to target markets is also most important. Our products design and operating characteristics mean that the devices are of interest to a wide range of potential distributors outside of traditional plumbing and chemical suppliers, dosing devices and system maintenance companies.

Our products are sold in the European market, Middle East, and Asia at present.

We are happy to discuss expanding our distributor network further should suitable partners be identified. Our devices are justified on a pragmatic, business case basis.

  • What are the costs associated with not protecting water infrastructure against scaling and corrosion?
  • What techniques are available to provide this service?
  • What are the true costs of applying such solutions?
  • How do they compare to Sialex® systems?

Our distributor partners focus on the selling and installation of our devices in the knowledge that they have our full support in developing the market within their geographic region.

If your company currently services markets which could benefit from the introduction of our products, we would like to hear from you. Take the time to fill out our contact-form and we will be in touch.

Sialex® in industrial applications…

Industry is asked to consider many operational issues. There is a drive to reduce the “carbon footprint”, costs must be tightly controlled in the face of rising energy costs, “downtime” of systems must be minimised to gain the most “return on the capital investment in plant and machinery”. Running costs must be tightly controlled.

Water is an important component in most industrial applications as well as in many commercial ventures (hotels, theme parks, commercial building etc.).

The relationship between “scaling” / “corrosion” and system efficiency has received considerable attention in recent years. Water problems, once seen as an inconvenience by operations managers, now are identified as a considerable cost in terms of efficiency. As the link between scale “build up” in water circuits and higher energy bills becomes more obvious , as labour costs also rise, and the drive to maximise systems availability receives more focus , benefits associated with “good” maintenance of water circuits makes a more compelling argument.

Sialex® based products are installed on heat exchangers in factories and large office complexes, in Dairies, fun parks, ships, hospitals, hot water systems, extrusion lines, washing machines, and many other areas. Depending upon application needs, one or multiple Sialex®Ring devices are employed.

Our products are not limited to water alone, we are gaining experience with other fluid types and the problems associated with their transport and storage. This is an area which will receive more attention in the future.

In all cases a “cost benefit analysis”, with the client's support, establishes the viability of the Sialex® proposal. In certain cases a “test period” can be arranged to confirm the business case assumption of the proposal.

We are happy to discuss possible projects, and if we believe we can make a positive contribution, will, with our sales partners, work directly with the client to determine what is required and how best to implement our solution. Our clients are confident to work with us in the knowledge that our systems cause no disruption or modification to the existing water infrastructure and the client incurs no costs associated with the modifying of their equipment to accommodate our solution.

Should you wish to discuss an existing application need or possible test application please contact us. We will be pleased to discuss with you our products and how they can help.

Sialex® in the private household…

In the home “Scaling” and “Corrosion” of water pipes and appliances is not simply an inconvenience it is an expensive problem (replacing pipes and equipment (washing machines, showers, boilers etc.).

Homeowners, eager to address these problems have made use of a wide range of devices and techniques to address these problems including chemical cleaning, Reverse Osmosis / ion exchange units, electrical pulsing devices, filtration systems etc. These techniques require monitoring, replacing parts, adding consumables, maintaining by plumbers etc.

Sialex®Ring, we believe, overcomes the perceived weaknesses of these earlier techniques and offers home owners the “Next step”; a credible, cost effective system (no maintenance, no consumables, no installation costs) to help address “Scaling and Corrosion” issues.

Sialex®Ring is tried and tested

Our installed base of German residential customers testifies to the success of our devices. This is further supported by the fact that a well established German house builder, after extensive 'in house' testing, selected our device for inclusion in their sales portfolio and summarised the “key benefits:

  • No maintenance
  • No consumable costs over the life of the device.
  • No plumbing or electrical work required at installation.
  • No salt or chemicals added to the water supply.

Sialex® working directly with manufacturers…

Sialex is a production process employed in the manufacture of a range of fluid treatment devices. The initial product Sialex®Ring is an “After-sales” device. It is added to existing products (water pipes, in front of heat exchangers, water boilers etc.). Our devices are installed after the original device has been installed.

Many devices, required by industry, the hospitality industry, and the in the home, suffer from the effects of “scale and corrosion” caused as a result of these products exposed to water.

Working directly with manufacturers of such devices, we believe Sialex® can add further “value” by incorporating Sialex® treated materials / components into devices at the point of manufacture.

By extending product life and maintenance cycles, reducing “wear and tear” as well as contributing to improving overall “Cost of Ownership”, we believe our technique can add value to OEM’s products.

How does this work?

  1. Initial Project scoping: Initially discussions between both parties are the most effective way to achieve this. Understanding the benefit which the OEM wishes to achieve from integration of a “Scale and Corrosion” control capability helps both parties determine the suitability of such an undertaking before committing significant resources.
  2. Feasibility Test: A “trial” (using a standard Sialex®Ring device) can be undertaken to an agreed test plan with an accepted “Pass / fail” criteria.
  3. Upon successful completion of a “Feasibility test”, an initial product specification is agreed between OEM and Phoenix. This, based upon annual quantity requirements and dimensional details allows for the production of a “quotation”.
  4. Having agreed an outline of product specification, annual demand, pricing, OEM will purchase an initial quantity of “samples” based upon this specification. Production costs associated with this “limited run” will be borne by the OEM. A test period will be agreed and performance monitored by the OEM (with Phoenix support).

Upon successful completion of this phase both parties move to a “Supply contract” agreement.