Pilot Performance Resources Management, Inc.

Pilot Performance Resources Management, Inc.

Pilot Performance Resources Management Inc., has assisted organizations in North America, Europe and Middle East in implementing Management Systems Makeovers, improving business sustainability now for growth to the future. We assist Fortune 500 companies, government and registrars in developing and achieving high standards, improving processes, reducing risks, managing change and fine tuning data management, with integrated management systems, improving their processes, productivity and performance. We prepare organizations for global trade and certification to ISO standards.

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P. O. Box 68584 - 25 Great Lakes Drive , Brampton , ON L6R 0J8 Canada
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Business Type:
Consulting firm
Industry Type:
Environmental Management
Market Focus:
Globally (various continents)
Year Founded:
$1,000,000 US - $10,000,000 US

30 years of client success working with major Fortune 500 international companies in all business sectors, SMEs, government, institutions and registrars in quality, environment, health and safety business management, specializing in management sytems to ISO.
She is author of 'Driving Sustainability to Business Success' (2015) directed to business leaders, preparing for global business. The book outlines the DS Factor's, key business principles and Pilot's 3 step process to build a solid management system framework, outlining many successful company examples.
Jayne Pilot has worked with top performers in all business sectors and brings a wealth of knowledge to assist leaders in their organization. She is an expert member on the ISO/TC 176 for Quality in Canada and the Standards Council of Canada's Mirror Committee, facilitating Canadian participation in international standards development.
She was at the forefront in environmental sustainability, in her role as District Manager in Canada in the late 80's, early 90's, for Browning Ferris Industries - BFI setting up medical waste disposal services, starting a number of international firsts with the diabetic depot system, international waste disposal, pharmaceutical disposal.

Our Mission, since 1994 is to provide cost effective services and resources for management systems make-over for individuals, government and businesses (SMEs) to understand, implement and improve business sustainability following our 'Three Step Process -Identify Insure, Improve'.

Global and Business Sustainability
Today, business operates in a global marketplace, and therefore, the need for standardization of the way we manage business operations is important for the quality of service or product. We are all partners in sustainability. Our definition for “sustainability”, is to have the “ability” to “sustain” the management of business risks through standardization of business practices.

Solutions to improve global adversity include: Management of business operations and our resources to remain competitive on a global basis. We need to identify and manage our risks in business whether related to the quality of the product/ service we offer or to environment, health and safety and financial. The way we manage has an impact not only on our business, but our communities, country and the international marketplace.

The international standards for management systems has been the growing criteria (framework) used by businesses around the world to implement effective and efficient management systems for Quality - ISO 9001, Environment - ISO 14001 and Occupational Health and Safety - OHSAS 18001. Internal and third party audits - ISO 19011, verify the conformance of the management system to international standards.


  • Key Note Speaker - Driving Sustainability
  • International Standards - ISO
    • ISO 9001   - Quality
    • ISO 14001 - Environment
    • ISO 45001 - Health & Safety
    • Integrated Management Systems - IMS
    • ISO 19011 -  Auditing
  • Audits 
    • Internal Audits
    • Gap Analysis
    • Third Party
    • Contractor
    • Supplier
  • Consulting 
  • Training
    • Management Systems - ISO
    • Auditing - Internal & Lead
    • Executive Coaching