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  • PmB / Blue Shield Services

    PmB / Blue Shield Services

    PmB / Blue Shield (Baytec) is a high grade twin component spray applied polyurethane elastomer of instant reactivity, installed to a minimum tolerance 80 MILS thickness. The elastomer film typically 100 MILS thick is free of filler, placticiser and solvent, quality is assured. The applied membrane is elastomeric up to 300% and retains physical properties through extremes of -43.6°F to +230°F. Excellent crack bridge ability. Adhesion to most substrates is...

  • PIM Pipe Bursting - Non-Ductile Pipelines Services

    PIM Pipe Bursting - Non-Ductile Pipelines Services

    Cities all across North America are using Pipebursting to maintain or improve their pipeline systems. Since the Pipebursting process was developed, over 7,500 miles of pipe - both mainlines and service laterals - have been replaced worldwide using this technology. Significant Cost Savings: Without doubt, Pipebursting is one of the most economical ways to replace a buried pipeline. The direct costs are generally lower than the traditional dig-and-replace...

  • Conspilt - Ductile Pipelines Services

    Conspilt - Ductile Pipelines Services

    The patented ConSplit tool is launched into an existing pipe at an entry pit and pulled through the pipeline to an exit pit. The old pipe is split open and expanded out into the soil, allowing a polyethylene pipe to be pulled into the enlarged hole immediately behind the ConSplit tool. As the ConSplit tool moves through the old pipe, two cutting wheels press a deep cut into the interior pipe wall. The eccentric body of the ConSplit expander concentrates...

  • Structural Or Non-Structural Rolldown Liners For Pressure Pipes

    Structural Or Non-Structural Rolldown Liners For Pressure Pipes

    PIM Corporation's Rolldown system uses standard polyethylene (PE) pipe to create a close-fitting liner within an existing pipeline. Rollers reduce the diameter of the PE pipe and allow it to be pulled through the host pipe. The liner is then pressurized to revert it to its original size. Rolldown can be designed as a stand-alone, fully rated pressure pipe, or as a thin-wall liner used to eliminate leaks in an otherwise sound pipeline.

  • MaxLiner Services

    MaxLiner Services

    Environmental concerns over wastewater seepage and aging residential laterals in older neighborhoods have made lateral repair and replacement big business around the world. RS Technik, a European organization that has specialized in forward-thinking solutions for the plumbing industry for more than a quarter of a century, recognized the need for a fast, affordable and effective way to address this growing demand. The result is the MaxLiner System. After...