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Pinchin West Ltd. is a Western Canadian based environmental and health and safety services consulting firm. We provide a wide range of environmental, engineering, geosciences and health & safety solutions across Western Canada.

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Suite 329, 1095 McKenzie Avenue , Victoria , BC V8P 2L5 Canada

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Consulting firm
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Health and Safety - Health and Safety Consulting and Engineering
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Nationally (across the country)

Our Philosophy
PHH ARC operates as an industry leader in the provision of environmental services by integrating and practicing three philosophical disciplines:

  • Service: We will consistently provide our clients with quality, professional and efficient consulting.
  • Integrity: We will consistently honour all commitments to our clients, our Company and each other.
  • Excellence: We will consistently excel in all endeavours, exceed our clients' expectations and conduct our activities ethically.

PHH ARC recognizes, through fair and honest treatment, the vital importance of each employee's well being to its successful operation. Each employee takes the responsibility for a positive work atmosphere, a commitment to teamwork and a total respect for the public and environment which we serve.

Our Story.
PHH ARC Environmental was founded in 1984 and we have been providing Environmental, Health and Safety consulting and engineering services to clients throughout Western Canada for almost 30 years.

Started by our President and CEO, John Holland, PHH ARC began as an Asbestos Abatement consulting firm with one office in Vancouver. Since then it has grown to nine locations and over one hundred staff throughout British Columbia, Alberta and Saskatchewan. Our projects have taken us to Australia, the United States, Great Britain, Ireland, Trinidad and Chile.

Our company has grown over the past three decades but our commitment to Service, Integrity and Excellence continues to be our defining principles.

We have evolved our professional services to include, Environmental Management , Hazardous Materials Management, Mould & Infection Control, Occupational Health and Safety, Remediation and Reclamation, Building Sciences, Geotechnical Engineering, Energy Managment, LEED Construction Support, and Training services.

In 2003, the PHH ARC Foundation was formed. The program was developed to provide volunteer support and financial contributions to employee led charitable and community projects. The program supports charitable programs and companies throughout Western Canada and is an integral part of our Social Sustainability efforts.

We have managed many projects over the years that were unique, politically sensitive, time critical and technically challenging. Our clients rely on our specific expertise, knowledge, guidance and integrity and execution to enhance their environmental health and safety performance.

Some of our clients have been using us for over 25 years. The work we do with its impact on health and the environment makes us care. It is our relationship with our clients and well being of their stakeholders what separates us and makes PHH ARC different.

We could not have become who we are without the staff, contractors, suppliers and clients who have committed to trusting and working with us. As we strive to offer new services and grow our company, we will continue to keep our clients, staff and community interests at the forefront of our efforts.


The Health and Safety program is an integral part of PHH ARC's culture. This can only be achieved by maintaining our commitment to provide a safe and healthy workplace and to the protection of employees, clients, contractors, property, the environment and the public.

health and safety PHH ARC will strive for an accident-free workplace in accordance with industry standards and by meeting or exceeding the requirements of health and safety legislation. All management activities will comply with company safety requirements as they relate to planning, operation and maintenance of facilities and equipment.

We recognize that health and safety is a shared responsibility. All employees are responsible for participating in and maintaining our health and safety program and for adhering to the safety policies of our clients.

All PHH ARC employees must follow safe work procedures, wear and use certified personal protective equipment when required, participate in health and safety training and inform supervisors of any unsafe workplace conditions or incidents immediately.

Everyone at PHH ARC has the right and responsibility to refuse to work when unsafe conditions are present.

PHH ARC participates in the Partnerships in Health and Safety - Certificate of Recognition (COR) program in Alberta. As a company we continually audit and upgrade the safety performance of our systems and staff to protect our most valuable resources.

We have implemented group safety meetings as well as a corporate Health and Safety Policy and Procedures Manual. It is the backbone for all Health and Safety related activities and education for our staff. The manual is continually updated and reviewed and each employee is responsible to read, understand, contribute and implement the policies and content during work place activities.

By fulfilling our responsibilities, each and every person who works for PHH ARC will share the benefits of a safe and healthy workplace.

PHH ARC is committed to conserving resources, preventing pollution and protecting ecosystems throughout the delivery process of every project and in our daily operations.

Since PHH ARC has been providing environmental solutions to protect both indoor and outdoor environments for close to 30 years, we have been involved in sustainability long before the term was widely used.

PHH ARC Corporate Sustainability practices include:

  • Use of energy efficient lighting, computer systems and HVAC settings to reduce consumption.
  • Expanding in office recycling programs to include most materials used and or consumed in the office. This includes: paper, cardboard, plastics/metals, batteries, cell phones, digital cameras, computer equipment, used office supplies and toner cartridges.
  • Using environmentally friendly and recycled products. This includes: bleach free 100% recycled paper towels, toilet paper, plastic garbage bags, 30% post consumer recycled paper, envelopes, file folders, biodegradable cleaning products, hand soap and dish soap.
  • Developing an Emissions Reduction Program to reduce company emissions. This is achieved through car pooling, public transit and riding a bike to work. Employees are challenged and encouraged to be environmentally conscience and responsible and we reward individual leadership in this area.
  • Engaging in community projects which support environmental sustainability including river and shoreline cleanups, Habitat for Humanity builds, Orphaned Wildlife (OWL) Rescue work, Adopt a Road program and Tsunami relief efforts.
  • Ordering in bulk, utilizing local suppliers and choosing to use environmentally aware couriers with hybrid and bio-diesel vehicles.
  • Participating in the development of the Building Owners and Managers Association (BOMA) Go Green initiative for greening existing buildings. The initiative has been adopted by BOMA Canada and the Federal Government (and is now called BOMA Best).
  • Frequent workspace efficiency reviews designed to reduce overall energy consumption and improve sustainable practices.

Our decision to be environmentally sustainable is always an ongoing process that takes a lot of time and commitment from our managers, staff and suppliers. We encourage anyone we work with to make the same initiative in their corporate setting.

Giving Back to Our Community.
PHH ARC believes in supporting social programs and services that make up the social fabric of our communities.

Through our staffs interests and charitable contributions PHH ARC is able to help support numerous charitable causes throughout Western Canada. It is our belief that collaboration with the people and communities we work around will make it a better place to live, work and play for everyone.

PHH ARC has founded the PHH ARC Foundation as a community outreach program that donates to environmental and community causes. The foundation was first developed with the funds saved from printing our Environmental Newsletter, which is now available on our website.

The PHH ARC Foundation undertakes projects and efforts that are meaningful to our staff and where contributions can be made through both donations and action. Since its inception, the program and staff have donated countless volunteer hours, and raised thousands of dollars for various charities.

As part of the Foundation, PHH ARC also developed a Texas Holdem Golf Sponsorship charity game to raise additional funds for the sponsoring charity. In the past 4 years it has raised over $10,000 for 8 local charitable organizations. It will continue to raise money each year as it is played at numerous golf tournaments throughout Western Canada. Thank you to all the participants who have played the game on the links.

PHH ARC will continue to develop the Foundation and support employee social interests in both volunteer efforts and monetary contributions. It is our social responsibility to give back to the communities in which we work, live, play and grow.