Pipeline Observation System Management (POSM)

Pipeline Observation System Management (POSM)

POSM Software is co-owned by Robert and Gene Clifford Katter. Their father, a salesman, sold pipeline inspection systems for decades. The Katter kids grew up with inspection systems in their driveway, and on several occasions, they used a crawler to locate bass in their pond. In 2000, while at Purdue University earning his Bachelor’s of Science in Computer Technology and Networking, Robert co-founded the company that became POSM Software. He continued to nurture POSM while employed at Caterpillar. He collaborated with Richard Stevens of Power Equipment Manufacturing. Richard was not happy with the software available on the market at that time, so he challenged Robert to create something better. Robert did. The first version of POSM focused on improving lateral tap cutting. This led to Robert developing more comprehensive video pipe inspection software.

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Accounts Receivable and Support Branch: 4925 Sharon Hill Dr , Columbus , Ohio 43235 USA

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Software vendor
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Water and Wastewater - Water Monitoring and Testing
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Nationally (across the country)

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