We are a specialist company which uses advanced technologies to remove deposits and scale from pipes and process equipment. Pipetech’s specialist technologies are efficient and produce high level results. We only use water in our cleaning, eliminating the need for environmentally damaging chemicals during the processes. By avoiding the use of hand-held lances we remove one of the major safety hazards. We can use our specialist technology to navigate up to 15 EA 90 degree bends from one single entry in one operation, thus avoiding time-consuming set-ups and disassembly. Our technologies can remove a vast variety of scale and blockages including solid concrete. Old or improperly-dialled inner liners can also be removed using our methods. We can offer cleaning verification using digital imagery technology to confirm results without damaging pipework internals.

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Koppholen 25 , Sandnes , 4313 Norway

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Water and Wastewater
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Internationally (various countries)

Who We Are
Pipetech was established in Stavanger in 2001 and acquired by RAMCO in 2014. RAMCO is an independent Scottish company specialising in the inspection, internal and external blast cleaning and protective coating of OCTG.

Pipetech operates from two main locations, from our RAMCO headquarters in Aberdeen and our premises in Stavanger in Norway. From there our fleet of specialist equipment, pumps and team of experts can be mobilised at short notice, to serve our customers’ needs.

We are committed to the ongoing development of our cleaning capabilities and actively seeks opportunities to work with our customers’ challenges.

  • Fully remote safe systems
  • Unrivalled capabilities
  • Time saving
  • Pure water
  • In-house design
  • Environmentally friendly
  • State of the art facilities

Pipetech supplies services to a wide range of customers including most of the main operators on the Norwegian, British and Danish continental shelves.

For operators we typically clean produced water systems, caissons, deluge systems and risers. In addition we also do heat exchangers and smaller bore pipes. Pipetech’s unrivalled ability to clear fully blocked pipes has made us a valued solution provider with several of the drilling companies. Pipetech has, in addition to cleaning cemented lines, also cleaned various drain systems and sewage systems for a number of drilling rig owners.

Our Aqua Milling and our Aqua Sonic technologies are well proven, in a number of offshore environments. The technologies also provide solutions to difficult cleaning challenges for our onshore customers. We clean penstocks for smelting plants, we clean heat exchangers at refineries and both paper mill industry and nuclear industry have experienced the benefits of using our technologies. Pipetech has also utilised the Aqua Milling technology to clean drinking water lines and other public water lines with great success.

Pipetech provides services to a wide range of oil service companies. The quality of our cleaning makes us the first choice solution for cleaning prior to inspection and inner lining of pipes. Cleaning prior to preservation is also a typical Pipetech application.

  • National and international oil companies
  • Drilling companies and vessel operators
  • Oil service companies
  • Onshore industrial businesses

We pride ourselves on leading the way in QHSE through our innovative techniques and services. Solving customer challenges is second only to keeping everyone safe and healthy. We are committed to protecting the health and safety of all employees and ensuring that our activities are not harmful to the environment and the community.

Our internal control and quality management systems are focused on the goal of zero incidents. With QHSE work integrated into our daily operations, this is closely monitored, evaluated and continually improved upon wherever possible. Pipetech’s objective is that all of our operations will prioritise a zero incident culture to protect personnel, equipment and the environment.