PJ Pipe & Valve Co Ltd.

PJ Pipe & Valve Co Ltd.

PJ Valves manufacture and supply valves to energy projects globally. Our Headquarters remain in the UK and we have developed our global presence so that we can serve key energy markets locally. Our customers include major end users, engineering companies and process package manufacturers. Our customers choose us because we supply the right valves at the right delivery and at the right price. We have focused on energy industry projects since our foundation in 1976. We therefore understand project specifications, how projects change, and the need to deliver on time. Put simply – we deliver the right valve, on the right delivery at the right price for each project.

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10 Merchant Drive Mead Lane Hertford , Hertfordshire , SG13 7BH United Kingdom

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Water and Wastewater
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Globally (various continents)
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We manufacture and supply valves for projects & applications, globally across the oil & gas industry. Our product range meets complex specifications for end users such as BP, Petrobras, Shell, Statoil, Mærsk and Exxon Mobil. We pride ourselves on understanding our customer’s projects and delivering both our products and associated documentation on time.

Who We Are
The company is a second generation family owned and managed business which means that we can afford to take a long term view and invest accordingly in development of our products, our testing facilities and our technology. Our staff typically have excellent technical knowledge combined with a good understanding of energy projects and a positive attitude to support customers. We provide our staff with excellent working environments and staff from across our locations regularly get involved in group events to raise money for various charities.

We supply to energy projects globally to meet complex end user customer specifications – and as importantly – our customers’ project needs and schedule.

Our main Headquarters are in the UK, where much of our business still comes through, with our experience of North Sea projects and international projects managed through major London contractors.

Over the years we have spread globally, with the addition of PJV Americas expanding our sales reach into the USA, and PJV Asia Pacific more recently based in Singapore, giving us a truly global presence that allows us to support our global client base.

Our business has supported the UK North Sea and onshore projects since our inception in 1976. Since then we have expanded our client base and projects globally. We have supplied to all major end users such as BP, Total, Shell, Statoil, British Gas, Chevron, ExxonMobil and Petrobras.

We manufacture valves that comply with project specifications for the energy industry. We also supply valve packages that include valves and actuators from our factories and partner factories. Our manufactured products go beyond industry standards and provide excellent, long term sealing performance. Our company is expert at meeting project specifications and delivering valves on time to meet our customer project schedules.


Our global manufacturing is divided across two sites. Each location has been selected on the ability of our long established supply chain to provide the highest quality of raw material and subsequent processes.

Ball Valve Factory

Our Ball valve range is manufactured at PJ Valves Pvt in Pune, India. In this region we are able to draw on a raw material supply chain that deals exclusively with pressure containing parts for international markets. Pune is also a world renowned centre of engineering excellence, and we benefit from industry experienced personnel through all disciplines of our business.

  • Size: 1,064m2
  • Management: 5
  • QA/QC: 5
  • Design: 6
  • Assembly: 8
  • Capacity: 40,000 units per annum


Gate Globe & Check Valve Factory
Our Gate, Globe and Check valve range is manufactured in Turin, Italy – an area renowned for its forging capability. This is reflected in the integrity of our product and its frequent use in some of the most demanding industry applications.

  • Size: 1,600m2
  • Management: 3
  • QA/QC: 3
  • Design: 4
  • Assembly: 5
  • Capacity: 60,000 units per annum

Decades of experience working with pressure containing parts means that our internal casting reject rate is very low, even for hard to cast materials such as duplex and Inconel.

Both of our facilities meet and exceed international standards in Quality, Health and Safety. We hold ISO 9001 accreditation across all plants, as well as ISO 14001 Environmental qualification and OHSAS 18001 QHSE.


Available in-house testing capabilities

  • PMI- Online Spectro including testing of Nitrogen.
  • Hardness test by Brinell as well as by Portable Digital Hardness Tester.
  • Impact test at Room Temperatures & Sub Zero Temperatures (Cryogenic) (0° C to -196° C).
  • Corrosion test as per ASTM A262 method A,B,C, & E , as per A 923 method A & B and as per G-28 method A Pitting corrosion test as per ASTM G48 method A & ASTM A 923 method C.
  • Crevice pitting corrosion test (PREN)
  • Microstructure for Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel and Duplex / Super Duplex Stainless Steel. U to 400x (NORSOK)
  • Ferrite measurement


Our performance
Our manufactured products go beyond industry standards and provide excellent, long term sealing performance. We are expert at meeting project specifications and delivering valves on time to meet our customer project schedules.

From a single valve manufactured and shipped within a week for a remote refinery to a full front end package of ball, gate, globe and check valves for a new process plant, we have an enviable track record of consistent on-time deliveries of both valves and documentation. Our case studies include information on both, the types of valves and actuators supplied – as well as some comments on the project challenges and how we have helped to solve them.