Planteco, Inc

PLANTECO is an innovative pioneer of eco-friendly sustainable solutions for environmental remediation. Our team of technology-driven scientists and professionals are dedicated to making a difference in the world through providing our clients with demonstrated proprietary knowledge, technologies and solutions. Founded in 2000, Planteco is a privately held group with offices in Atlanta, Hong Kong, and Los Angeles. We design a comprehensive customized solution for each unique project: Consulting to designing proper remediation strategies for each site; Proprietary products that include chemicals, plants, and/or microorganisms; and Full remediation services from product application, strategy implementation and monitoring. Over a decade in a dozen countries we have shown that our approach is greener, faster, safer, and cheaper.

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337 South Milledge Avenue - Suite 202 , Athens , Georgia 30605 USA

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Environmental - Site Remediation
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Nationally (across the country)
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$1,000,000 US - $10,000,000 US


PLANTECO has pioneered the first demonstrated technology that achieves instant neutralization of bulk explosives and bomb fillers at ambient temperature.  Our technology is a solution for a broad range of explosives including Mustard (CWM); HMX / RDX / TNT; DNTs / ADNTs; NBs / NDMA; Nitrocellulose; PETN and Aluminum.


PLANTECO uses specially formulated solutions of MuniRem® to decontaminate bomb casings, scrap metals and building contaminated with explosives. The pieces of wood, metals, and pipes are sprayed or soaked in baths containing MuniRem®.


PLANTECO has pioneered the application of multiple innovative green remediation technologies for heavy metals, explosives, radiation, petroleum and perchlorate in soil and groundwater. We can achieve the most stringent goals in-situ or ex-situ faster and more cost effectively than traditional solutions.