Plastic Fabricators (WA) Pty Ltd

Plastic Fabricators (WA) Pty Ltd

Plastic Fabricators (WA) Pty Ltd, based in Perth, is a leading manufacturer of polypropylene electrowinning cells. We offer an extensive range of CNC routing capabilities, we manufacture corrosion resistant exhaust fans, tanks, dual laminate tanks and scrubbers, and we sell custom equipment constructed from industrial thermoplastics. At Plastic Fabricators (WA) Pty Ltd, we offer excellent quality products and equipment that provides many benefits to the industry, and meets all our clients’ expectations. The sectors our clients operate in are heavy industrial organisations in the mining and mineral processing, chemical and oil and gas industries, wastewater treatment, public utilities and commercial organisations. Our products have also been supplied to project locations extending from the Western Australia domestic market, to far reaching sites across the globe.

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59 Christable Way , Landsdale , Western Australia 6065 Australia

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Plastics & Resins
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Internationally (various countries)