Plastoquimica, S.L

PLASTOQUIMICA is a company created in 1963 in Barcelona. Specialized in solution and installation of systems for gas treatment in industry. Builds corrosion-resistant thermoplastic equipment like storage and process tanks and industrial ventilation equipment and also sells industrial pumps. Plastoqu�mica began to manufacture thermoplastic vats and tanks for corrosive liquids over 50 years ago. That experience has been instrumental in the development of proprietary manufacturing technologies and methods that ensure high quality finishes in our liquid-tight, corrosive-resistant vats and tanks.

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Av. Mosen Jacint Verdaguer s.n Polígono Industrial Font Santa , Sant Joan Despí , 08970 Spain

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Air and Climate - Air Pollution Treatment
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Internationally (various countries)

PLASTOQUÍMICA is a company specialized in systems and applications related to the gas treatment that are now mandatory in all industry sectors.  Founded in 1963 is a pioneer company in transformation of thermoplastic materials for use in industry. Currently has implemented management systems, control, safety and traceability, which ensure their products and services.
Our standard products, high density polypropylene and polyethylene tanks, feature volumes ranging from 500 to 30 000 L. We also custom-build tanks: thicker, double-skinned or made out of other materials adapted to the density and corrosive power of the product to be stored. Our specialised production staff draws from its design and manufacturing know-how to deliver corrosive-resistant vats and tanks tightly suited to our customers’ storage needs.

Our manufacturing procedures and organisation have been awarded a series of very demanding quality certificates that endorse the high quality of our brand.
The materials used, along with our long experience and expertise in the production of high quality plastic storage finishes, ensure the excellence, durability and reliability of our tanks, vats and drip trays. Our products are also exceptionally resistant to acids, caustic or alkaline bases, dehydrating agents, strong oxidizers, electrophilic salts and halogens, halides and alkylating agents.
Our tanks and vats are apt for all manner of corrosive materials and cover a broad spectrum of storage applications, as attested to by a client portfolio that spans nearly all manufacturing industries. Click here for a list of some of these applications by type of business.

At Plastoquímica we use our own tanks for collecting and treating corrosive gas and powder or dust in turnkey facilities that we design, engineer, assemble, install, commission and maintain.

As designers and builders of whole facilities and at the same time manufacturers of the component parts, we pride ourselves on the unrivalled flexibility with which we address the challenges posed by our customers.
Our Mission
  • Solve problems in industrial emissions increasing workplace safety and protecting the environment.
  • Build the best equipment and plants in thermoplastic material.

Engineering and Manufacturing
PLASTOQUIMICA products and solutions are designed by highly specialized technical staff and the company disposes of 3,000 m2 factory to deliver turnkey for any solution.

The company guarantees continuous technical training to its technical staff in different fields of action in order to remain a leader in the industry. The quality, experience, specialization and teamwork are the pillars on which we base our work methodology.

Own thermoplastics technology
The methods and manufacturing processes for the construction and finishing of our processed thermoplastics, are the result of a technique developed and refined entirely in PLASTOQUÍMICA over past 50 years.

We know the possibilities and limitations of our products in any application ensuring this way suitable solutions in every project without error.