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  • Multipress Eco - Press Container with Weighing System

  • Eco Communal - Press Container

    Eco Communal - Press Container

    ECO internet from Pöttinger is the intelligent disposal concept that has a number of technical, environmental and economical advantages for its users: Fair, pay-as-you-go invoicing – EU calibrated scales +/- 0.1 kg. Reduced transport costs due to waste being compacted approxi - mately 5:1, saves time-consuming emptying of individual dustbins at every house. No smells - tidy appearance. Daily statistics and reports avail able over the...

  • Eco Communal  - Underground Press Container

    Eco Communal - Underground Press Container

    Introducing the MULTIPRESS ECO's little brother - for use in inner-cities and low-density residential areas. This latest development features a semi-underground container with a volume of 5 m³ (approx. 500 kg) and an integrated weighing chamber.

  • Eco Industry - Press Container

    Eco Industry - Press Container

    ECO Static: The customised solution for use at shopping centres, airports, stadiums, etc. enabling a fair division of the waste disposal fees incurred between the individual companies.